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How we conduct our business defines our value system at ACT. We are against the policy of 'business at any cost', and believe firmly in our value system; these values become our guiding principles in our day to day work. We will not compromise on these values even under extreme pressure.

  • actway

    Build trust through uncompromising integrity and transparency

    We provide an honest view of ACT’s products and services to our customers. We speak the truth, and defend what is right. We display professionalism and follow the law in letter and in spirit.
  • actway

    Put the customer first

    The main point of attention at ACT is the customer. We focus on empowering and delighting our customers, and do our best to provide them with effective and reliable services.
  • actway

    Strive for continuous innovation

    Our culture promotes innovation. We constantly look for new ideas and solutions, and relentlessly challenge the status quo.
  • actway

    Foster a culture of teamwork, belongingness and security

    We treat people fairly and equitably. We encourage our employees to communicate openly, share credit, and accept responsibility.
  • actway

    Be a socially and environmentally responsible company

    We fight against unfair business practices, try our best to improve the environment, and develop the community we live in.
  • actway

    Passion for excellence in our work

    We execute our duties beyond expectations, display unflinching passion in everything we do, and strive for continuous improvement.
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