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Corporate Social Responsibility Employee

Corporate Social Responsibility

At ACT, we strongly believe that as an organisation we are an extension of our employees and our society. While we exist for the Business, we go beyond it and stand for something more. Ever since our inception, we have conducted many drives to better the conditions for society, and our employees. Here are a few notable activities..

ACT Swasthya

We introduced ACT Swasthya ('health') in the year 2012, to help our employees take their health more seriously. As a part of this initiative we have conducted awareness talks and camps in the field of eye care, cardiac health, dental, gynecology and many others.

Action Changes Things

Action Changes Things is a 24/7 helpline for employees and their immediate families. It provides emotional support during relational, personal, and professional crises with an assurance of confidentiality & privacy. We have partnered with Inner Sights Counselling, a team of professional counsellors, for this initiative.

ACT Prakurti

Prakruti (Environment) is our way of making our neighbourhoods cleaner & better, since 2012. Under this initiative, we identify run down playgrounds, unsafe pedestrian walks, garbage dumping points and other places in residential areas, get necessary work permissions, and restore the identified places with the help of our employee volunteers. Till date, we have improved 60 places across locations.

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