Distribution Drive

Keeping people as safe and secure as possible

Our contribution toward countering the effect of COVID-19


At ACT Fibernet, we understand our nation’s need of the hour in overcoming these difficult times. It gives us great honor and pride, to contribute toward defending against the effects caused by the virus to ensure that the disease remains contained and that people remain as safe and secure as possible.


Distribution drive of Rapid Antigen kits

ACT Fibernet has joined hands with the Government of Telangana to fight this pandemic. As a result, we have donated 25,000 rapid antigen testing kits to the - Medical Infrastructure Division, Department of Health, Government of Telangana to augment the resources of hospitals. This enables our medical fraternity to increase the testing frequency and efficiently diagnose patients suffering from the disease without any complications.

ACT Fibernet stands in solidarity with India’s healthcare infrastructure to ensure that we prevail over adversity together, as one!