Tips for Parents
As children navigate the new territory of online learning, here are some tips to help you support them effectively.
1. Set up a dedicated study space
Set up a quiet, well-lit, distraction-free corner, dedicated to online learning. Ideally, pick a space other than the ones they use for rest and recreation.
2. Ensure access to the internet and other learning resources
Proper internet connectivity is indispensable for online learning. Poor internet can really impede learning. Additionally, see to it that your child has the relevant books. All major Indian boards have e-textbooks available for download. Note-taking equipment is also a must.
3. Balance online and old school learning
Excess screen time isn’t advisable for children. Mix it up with print-based learning. Order books online and take print-outs of resources wherever possible.
4. Help your child devise a plan
Effective time management through proper planning is essential for fruitful online learning. Help your child organise his day by slotting online lessons, breaks and recreation, as well as self-study time into a realistic schedule.
5. Limit Distractions
Apps, games and messengers are potential distractions while learning online. Restricting your child’s access to these digital distractions until schoolwork is completed satisfactorily may help.
6. Monitor learning
Online learning being more self-directed, demands you to observe your child’s engagement during classes. Ask questions at the end of a lesson and review their home-exercises periodically. This creates external accountability for the child and also helps you take timely remedial action when needed.
7. Ensure cyber safety
With potential threats that children may encounter online, it is essential to teach them how to use technology responsibly and safely. Warn them of potential dangers and set clear boundaries. Teach them what personal information they must not reveal online. Consider using content filtering software and child filters on search engines.
8. Reduce social isolation
Children are used to a lot of social interaction at school and they are sure to miss their friends. Hence it is important to help your children stay connected with their peers virtually. Video chats are the closest to seeing someone in person. Encourage them to make a video call to their friends and have a virtual playdate.
9. Seek support when needed
Reach out to your child’s teacher if you are struggling with some aspect of online classes. Also, keep in touch with other parents to understand what is working well for their child’s online learning.
10. Have fun
While this is definitely no vacation, remember to make the most of the extended time at home with your child. Treat online school as an added opportunity for bonding.
Now that you know how to support your kid’s online learning, make sure to share these tips with other parents you know.