Online Teaching Tools
The tactile nature of textbooks and notebooks is giving way to the touch displays of tablets and laptops in the classroom. At this point, the content that used to be on the blackboards, as well as class communication and announcements, must all be updated. As a result, here is a set of communication, multimedia, and collaboration tools that teachers can employ.
1. Google Slides
Google Slides is the most widely used multimedia presentation tool that may also be used for collaboration. Google Slides is your simple go-to solution for creating exciting presentations to make your class more interesting, as well as assigning project work to your students.
2. Prezi
Prezi is another multimedia tool that lets you create zooming, moving, visually stunning presentations. This tool can be of great use when you want to keep your students’ attention throughout the class in any subject. From a dynamic solar-system that will help you explain planetary motion to a world atlas that lets you zoom in to specific areas, Prezi can help in bringing your classroom alive.
3. Canva
Though not strictly an education-only platform, Canva has some great features that let you create colourful and effective presentations, infographics, websites, reports, worksheets, posters, flyers, signage and more with amazing ease. The best part is that Canva offers a free platform for educators with loads of pre-designed templates and millions of free images.
4. See-saw
See-saw is a digital learning journal that allows students to be active content creators and collaborators rather than content consumers. Learning happens the most when students are given hands-on experience, and Seesaw does just that. You can use Seesaw to assign students with a variety of work such as videos, photos, text, images, files, and drawings. Using Google, Clever, student emails, or a QR code, you can assign these tasks to students and give them real-time constructive feedback.
5. Edmodo
Edmodo is a Learning Management System (LMS) with a vast user network. It is used to share learning resources, monitor and assess student performance which makes teaching from home easy. It also allows for collaboration in groups and enables teachers to connect with parents.
6. Class Dojo
Class Dojo is a free-to-use school communication platform that fosters close-knit communication within classroom communities. It allows you to share what is being learnt in the classroom through different formats. It also allows students to showcase their learning and parents to track their child’s progress. Class Dojo aids classroom management by enabling you to promote healthy student behaviours using real-time web-based feedback.
7. Remind
Remind is a well-designed messaging tool that helps you “reach students and parents where they are”. Built for education, it has a simple user interface that allows for two-way communication for instruction, updates and more.
8. Socrative
Socrative is an online assessment tool that helps you give feedback instantly and evaluate your students’ learning in an intuitive way. From quizzes to polls, you can create activities tailored to your students’ learning needs. It’s free for students and frees time for teachers to do more than grading assessments.
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