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Wired Internet Connection

No matter the high-speed options made available by cellular data providers, the need for Wired Internet remains strong. Homes and businesses rely mostly on wired connectivity. Through a proper wifi router, a broadband connection, such as ACT Fibernet’s, becomes not only budget-friendly but also multifaceted. Thus, a lot relies on choosing the correct ISP (Internet Service Providers) and the type of Wired Internet they are providing.

The fiber wire internet that ACT Fibernet provides trumps over dongles in blending the best of both worlds without compromising on speed and consistency. As per Ookla speed tests, many users struggle to get smoother and no buffer connection. There are a few factors making up for reliable and consistent wired internet providers and ACT Fibernet comes with a certification from Ookla.

  1. Tracking data usage

    Wired Internet at high speed comes with a slight disadvantage. If the area has multiple users of the same high speed wireled nternet some often find that they are getting lesser speed for what was initially promised. Thus the FUP or Fair Usage Policy setup by ISPs prevents this distortion.

    Selecting wireled internet plans with a capped bandwidth enables everyone to limit their browsings. When users have the option to track their usage in real-time they can be smart about their data usage. An app helps and ACT Fibernet provides the same. The app also helps users to recharge or upgrade their plans online.

  2. Better quality fiber-optic, better connectivity

    For users looking for a reliable home wired network, they need to choose from the hundreds of broadband and DSL providers around their area. The very first thing that should be taken into account is the technology utilized by the ISP for providing the wired internet connection. ACT Fibernet provides quality fiber wire internet. The benefit of this technology over others is that fiber optic offers better connectivity, more consistent signal strength, and negligible latency. Add uniformity in the speed delivery, enjoying endless minutes with major entertainment apps, like Netflix, using high speed wired internet and you’ve got yourself a winner.

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  3. A plan for everyone

    When opting for wired broadband plans, speed matters. ISPs charge for the speed along with the monthly usage. Whether the user plans to operate SMEs or power their home office, people look for better plans that will suit their needs perfectly. When comparing the various wired broadband internet providers and their plans, one will notice that ACT Fibernet offers well-curated plans for every requirement.

    The most popular plan - Storm, for example, offers a speed of 150 Mbps along with 650 GB data, and an additional 1500 GB for a month comes bundled with a Netflix subscription. Once the allotted GB expires, users can still browse the internet with a speed of 1 Mbps. This is a monthly plan that can take care of most household requirements.

  4. The number of devices to be connected

    Whether the internet connection is for personal use or for running an office, the choice of wired broadband connection has to made by taking into consideration the number of devices that will be connected to the router through which the fiber-optic ethernet powers the setup. The more devices connected, the lesser the speed distribution. With better consistency, users can even connect more devices vis wired internet without having the wired machine face downtime. ACT Fibernet ensures that users do not face latency and signal loss no matter the number of devices they are using.


Wired Internet has been a blessing since its initial dial-up days. The flexibility to connect devices over wired wifi over recent years has made this type of data connection the ideal choice for many. Be it for the office or setting up a home wired network, high speed is a necessity. The shift to working from home culture will require people to have proper wired broadband connectivity and speed.

ACT Fibernet has been ranked 3rd for its services in 2018. The availability of 1 Gbps internet plans has also made them the first ISP to offer such speed to their users. This, along with a host of other budget-friendly plans, the security, and the consistency, places ACT Fibernet at the forefront of this movement.

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