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  1. Has it ever happened that you're trying to get on a video call with the client or stream a 4K movie, and your WiFi speed doesn't co-operate? If yes, then it’s time to change to a better internet service provider.

    When you switch to broadband that offers high-speed WiFi, your efficiency increases and you find yourself being more productive.

    But it’s not always the case that the fault is with your internet service provider. Sometimes, the settings may not be optimised to enable your device to get the best WiFi setting.

    We’ve put together a range of topics in the blogs below to help you configure these settings, so that you can get better connectivity and faster speeds. In these blogs, you can also find more about how you can check your WiFi speed with the help of the WiFi speed test. Don’t miss out on reading some of the tips and tricks we have listed so that you can have the best online experience.


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