Ultra-fast and reliable internet connectivity is the key to achieving faster business growth. The possibilities are limitless when you have the best of internet technology - fiber optics powering your business.

Our Corporate Connectivity Solution is capable of growing your business to new heights with speeds up to
1 Gbps at costs that defy industry standards.

Features of ACT Corporate

  • Fibre-to-the-office (FTTO) connectivity over a dedicated Gigabit Switch
  • Free Static IP
  • 24X7 Proactive Monitoring and NOC support

Plan Name Internet Speed Monthly data limit Post FUP Speed Monthly Rental
ACT SME Ultrafast Plus 500 Mbps 2.8 TB 3 Mbps ₹ 7000
ACT SME Exceptional Plus 1 Gbps 3.6 TB 4 Mbps ₹ 9000
ACT SME Phenomenal Plus 1 Gbps 5 TB 5 Mbps ₹ 12000
ACT GIGA PLUS 1 Gbps 10 TB 5 Mbps ₹ 15000