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TV Advertising Testimonials

What our customers have to say about us:

We are very happy with the services provided by ACT. They remain the most cost effective media to reach a large number of people. ACT helps us reach a large number of people in a very short span of time. ACT has played a vital role in our success and we would like to associate ourselves with ACT in the future as well.

- Manilal Jain

The local programs that ACT telecasts are very interesting. They cover each and every event that happens in the district of Nellore. As a result the local channels have very high viewership. Thus ACT is the right platform for business men to market their products.

- JVV Murli

ACT provides excellent service around the clock. The executive gives us good suggestions. These suggestions ensure that we get the best value for our money. More over the executive is available around the clock. We are very happy with ACT and are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with ACT.

- Naveen Reddy
Unit Head

ACT has played a significant part in our journety. We have been advertising with A.C.N from 1996. It is nice to be associated with an organisation that is professional in its set up. A.C.T is also an organisation that cares for the society. This is evident from the number of C.S.R programs that they conduct.

- IV Vijay Bhaskar

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