Why Act

    Careers at ACT Fibernet

    We believe that our actions define our business. We groom our people to be those in the room who inspire by their actions. We provide an environment which encourages such behavior.

    We are caring, collaborative, driven by values, and always up for fun and challenging work.

    Start young

    Working in a young organization has its advantages, the biggest one being emphasis on growth. We try our best to provide a workspace that’s full of learning opportunities and focuses on personal growth as well.

    The one thing we can promise you? Your ideas will always be heard, your development will always be tied to ours, and you will always feel at home.

    The 60-20-20 philosophy

    We don’t want to be tied down to a particular type of training so we developed a system where 60% of your learning happens on the job, 20% happens in the classroom, and the other 20% happens through training.

    With ACT, your career is in great hands.

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