My internet connection is not working?

We are always at your service and if the fault is at our end we will mobilize our technicians to rectify the same. But before you call us and lodge a complaint please run through the following checklist.

  • Check if the LAN cable is properly plugged in to the computer / router
  • Check to make sure that the LAN Card / Wireless adapter is not disabled
  • Check to see if the LED lights on the LAN card are blinking or not
  • Check and make sure that the LAN Connection is indicating "Connected"
  • If you are using a "Router", please restart the same
  • Please go to Start > Run, here type "cmd" and the Command prompt / DOS prompt will appear. In the Dialogue box which appears please type "ipconfig /release" followed by "ipconfig /renew". Then try to surf again
  • Disable then enable your LAN card / Wireless Card / switch off your router, wait a few seconds and then switch it on again

Make sure that your IP settings are set to receive a DHCP IP (refer question on Configuring your computer, for details on how to do this). Note – If you have subscribed for a static IP from ACT, make sure that the same is configured into your PC/Laptop/Router properly. If you have changed your device, then you will need to inform us so that we can authenticate the new device and bind the static IP to the same.

Even after checking the above points, if your internet does not work, please contact the support team on +919121212121/+917288999999

While it has always been our endeavour to provide the highest service levels and fastest turnaround times, sometimes the same is not possible due to reasons beyond our control.

Our committment to you means a lot to us, and in case you are not satisfied with the service support provided, we want you to be able to escalate matters to us.

Escalation for Service issues

In case 24 hours have elapsed since you lodged your complaint, but the problem has not been resolved to your satisfaction, Please refer to the escalation email ids under the Contact Us page on the website.

For a seamless internet experience it is recommended that you upgrade your Operating system immediately as the disconnection problem being faced by you is typically related to this. Please do the following immediately –

  • Windows XP is upgraded to Latest Service Pack (available through Windows Update or on www.microsoft.com/en-in)
  • Windows Vista is upgraded to Latest Service Pack (available through Windows Update or on www.microsoft.com/en-in)
  • Antivirus Security to be reduced from ‘High' to ‘Medium' so that Genuine Network Traffic does not get blocked
  • The Power save mode of your Laptop is not configured to disable or disconnect the LAN card while working on battery
  • Use only Original Operating System Software
  • If the problem still persists then please check the following
  • The operating software (Windows XP or Vista) is not corrupted
  • RPC services on the Windows XP or Vista are not corrupted
  • For more details click on this link

(Note - This FAQ is a Consumer interest advisory issued by ACT TV System. We are not responsible for failure in internet services on account of Hardware / Software failures in Subscriber Computers, and we do not offer System support. We suggest that you consult your AMC provider / Computer Vendor in case of any queries)