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What is flexyBytes+?

FlexyBytes+ are additional GB of data that you can add to your account if you feel your monthly data usage limit is insufficient to meet your data needs. This additional GB will be over and above your plan amount and can be consumed at the subscribed plan speeds.

How can I add flexybytes+ to my account?

You can add FlexyBytes+ to your monthly account either from the ACT Fibernet mobile app or by navigating to ‘Package/Usage' section in ‘My Account' page on the ACT portal. Any FlexyBytes+ pack can be chosen and purchased from the list of FlexyBytes+ options available.

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Can I purchase flexybytes+ now and pay for it later with my monthly bill?

No. Payment needs to be done while purchasing the FlexyBytes+.

How many times in a month can I add flexybytes+ to my account?

There is no limit on the number of times FlexyBytes+ can be purchased.

What is the validity duration of flexybytes+?

Any FlexyBytes+ package will be valid for a duration of 90 days from the date of purchase.

Everything about flexybytes+
  • FlexyBytes are additional data which you can add if you feel your monthly data limit is insufficient
  • To add FlexyBytes, open app and go to FlexyBytes.
  • Payment needs to be done on purchase; it won’t be reflected on the bill
  • Validity of FlexyBytes will be till 90 days of your purchase. The left over data will be carried forward to next month until 90 days

Our plan details:

flexyBytes+ Data Price(Rs.) (Exclusive of Tax) Validity
25 GB 225.0 90 Days
50 GB 400.0 90 Days
100 GB 600.0 90 Days
200 GB 1250.0 90 Days
500 GB 2500.0 90 Days
What is FUP?

Data limit up to which a customer can enjoy seamless speed. On exceeding the data limit the speed gets reduced to minimum plan speed.

How do I know how much speed I am actually getting?

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Please note:

Please check your speed only after you have plugged-in the LAN (Ethernet Cable) directly in your laptop/desktop. The speed may vary 5% to 10% every time you perform a speed test.

Below are a few reasons for low speed:

  • You may not have cleared the dues and your account is in suspended mode.
  • You may have crossed your data limit.
  • High bandwidth consuming applications like torrent could be running.
  • You may have exceeded the storage space in your device.
  • You may not have cleared your temporary & cache files.
  • Your device may be affected by virus.
  • Your Wi-Fi signals are affected by obstructions like concrete walls or RF electronic equipment like TV, microwave, etc.
  • Your device may not be compatible with the current router.
  • Your router is at a distant place.
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