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Mission Education

Taking the Right Steps for Child Empowerment


ACT believes that the power of education can only be realised with a progress of basic infrastructure. With the aim of enabling schools with whatever is required to provide a holistic learning environment for students be it basic infrastructure like tables, benches, nourishing meals or even computers connected with high-speed internet, ACT Shiksha was initiated in Nov 2013. Under this program, we have so far connected 180 Government & Corporation schools, thereby providing high speed internet access to over 30,000 students.

As a part of our child empowerment initiatives, we also have a “Joy of Giving” program. This initiative inculcates the values and virtues of

philanthropy in our employees, who volunteer to cheer up the underprivileged. This initiative also helps us support children of frontline policemen with various learning programs. So far 40 children have benefitted from it. The programs also extend to other sub-groups and include sessions such as handling failure, the usefulness of science in everyday life, parenting for housewives, etc. Our structured plan for the next 8 months, with sessions scheduled every first and third Saturday, allows our employees to be a part of this grand gesture.

Making Learning Easy & Simpler


Computers have become an essential part of learning in today’s day and age. It’s the ask of the moment and clearly it has become an effective medium for gaining knowledge and learning new things. But, there are still so many children who are not capable of making use of the advantages that a computer offers. We at ACT Fibernet decided to enable them with a computer lab at the City Armed Reserve Headquarters, so that they too can study and learn with utmost ease and convenience.


Empowering the Young Digitally


Digital is the new black and internet has become the need of the hour. It’s the most convenient way of gaining more knowledge and educating yourself at the ease of your fingertips. We provided the students of Smt. VHD Central Institute of Home Science with computer systems and power of our Incredible internet services, so that their talent & skills reach greater heights. And it’s not just helping the students, but their teachers are also benefitting from it while working on their projects, exams and teaching.

Providing the Power of Knowledge to the Less Fortunate


Education is a weapon that can change the world with its power for good. We believe that everyone needs and deserves to attain that power of education and knowledge. But factors like poor economic conditions leave so many children devoid of even basic education. We at ACT Fibernet strive to help and elevate the skills of such children who have no means to gain knowledge by offering them books and bags, so they can go to school easily and empower themselves with education.

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