Terms and Conditions

M/s Atria Convergence Technologies Limited (ACT) provides Netflix Services to its Users/Subscribers which are subject to the below Terms & Conditions. ACT reserves the right to change, modify and amend the Terms at any time without Notice to Users/Subscribers.



  1. ACT User is eligible to subscribe for Netflix Services as a value added services on any of the ACT Fibernet plans. We request you to visit our website www.actcorp.in for further details and offers, if any, on your Netflix subscription.
  2. ACT User can subscribe to Netflix Services through the link provided on ACT's Web page. Netflix Services through ACT are available only for those ACT Users who subscribe Netflix Services through ACT Web page.
  3. ACT User is liable to pay the applicable monthly Netflix subscription charges for availing Netflix Services in advance.
  4. ACT User may also subscribe to the Netflix’s mobile only plan through ACT, however, the User shall not be entitled to any cash back offer from ACT irrespective of the broadband plan subscribed by him.
  5. Netflix shall have the right to charge for its Services provided to ACT Users. The monthly Netflix Subscription charges shall be fixed by Netflix based on the Netflix plans opted by ACT user. Netflix reserves the right to change its subscription charges at its sole discretion.
  6. ACT will charge its User on behalf of Netflix for the services through ACT Fibernet invoices which shall contain Fibernet/Broadband and Netflix Subscription Charges separately.
  7. ACT Fibernet Invoices are based on Calendar Month. Netflix Services are for a period 30 days from the date of subscription or renewal of Netflix Services. The invoice will be raised on the first day of the Calendar month for both ACT Fibernet services and Netflix Services irrespective of period of subscription or renewal of Netflix Services. The User shall make the payment of respective subscription charges within the due date as prescribed under the said Invoice.
  8. ACT has rights to set off and adjust the Advance subscription charges paid towards ACT Fibernet services with that of Netflix Subscription charges, at its sole discretion, in case of User fail to make Netflix Subscription charges in time.
  9. Any User will be able to subscribe to Netflix on a monthly basis by paying the necessary subscription charges as prescribed by Netflix from time to time. The Netflix Services shall be automatically renewed on monthly basis and the User is liable to pay the applicable Netflix Subscription charges in advance.
  10. ACT User who had subscribed to ACT Fibernet Fixed Term plans i.e. 6 months or 1 year, has to pay the applicable Netflix subscription charges on monthly basis separately.
  11. ACT User is entitled to terminate the Netflix Services only by calling ACT's customer care number +919121212121 days prior to renewal of Netflix Services. The disconnection request will be considered from the next billing Cycle. However, ACT User will be liable to pay for the current billing cycle as billed by ACT.
  12. ACT User may wish to re-subscribe to Netflix services after above said disconnection through ACT Fibernet Services anytime by paying the necessary subscription charges as prescribed by Netflix from time to time. The User shall be liable to pay any outstanding due payable by him towards the Netflix Services under earlier subscription on or before such resubscription of Netflix Services.
  13. ACT User can make payment of applicable monthly Netflix Subscription Charges for availing Netflix Services through any payment gateway as may be made available by ACT.
  14. ACT reserves its right to disconnect Netflix Services or ACT's Fibernet services, either individually or jointly, at its sole discretion in case the User fails to pay the applicable Subscription charges.
  15. In case of termination of Netflix Services in ACT's Network, ACT shall intimate its Users in advance before such disconnection.
  16. ACT provides Netflix Services ‘as it is' and the content of the Site(s)/ App(s) and all copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names and all other intellectual property rights therein are owned by Netflix and/or its licensors or its group companies. ACT User hereby agrees that the User shall not do any unauthorized use of such intellectual property rights which shall constitute an infringement of the copyrights and other proprietary rights of Netflix and/or its licensors and violation of these Terms.
  17. Any complaint with respect to the said services offered by ACT must be registered with the customer care, the details of which are available on www.actcorp.in.
  18. Any disputes shall be settled by mutual discussions, failing which the same shall be referred to Arbitration governed by Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1996 as amended from time to time. The Arbitration shall be conducted by a sole Arbitrator appointed by ACT. The Language of arbitration shall be English and the place of arbitration shall be Bangalore, India.
  19. Subject to clause 16 herein above, this offer shall be governed by Laws of India and courts at Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


The User hereby declares that he/she has read contents and be bound by obligations of the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions of Use.