24th Nov 2017

ACT Fibernet, India's pioneer in Giga speeds and market leader in Hyderabad upgrades internet broadband plans in the city

Increases internet speed and FUP limits at no extra cost

Hyderabad, 18 September, 2017: ACT Fibernet, India’s largest non-telco ISP, 3rd largest ISP (internet service provider) and a pioneer in Giga enabling the entire city of Hyderabad, recently upgraded internet broadband plans for its existing customers in Hyderabad. ACT Fibernet has increased the speed and FUP limits for its fixed term broadband plans that will enable customers to enjoy superior internet experience at no extra cost. Additionally, for new customers the upgraded plans will be available beginning 10th September 2017. 

Under retail monthly plans, A-Max 410 has been upgraded to 15 Mbps speed with 75 GB FUP limit from 5 Mbps speed and 60 GB FUP, A-Max Swift has been upgraded to 15 Mbps speed with 100 GB FUP limit versus its previous offering of 5 Mbps speed and 85 GB FUP. Likewise, A-Max 650 has been upgraded to 40 Mbps speed and 150 GB FUP limit from 25 Mbps speed and 100 GB FUP, A-Max Rapid FT has been upgraded to 45 Mbps speed and 175 GB FUP limit from 30 Mbps speed and 125 GB FUP.

ACT – Max 1050 has been upgraded to 75 Mbps speed to 250 GB FUP limit from 60 Mbps speed and 200 FUP, A-Max 1299 has been upgraded to 100 Mbps speed and 300 GB FUP limit from 75 Mbps speed and 250 GB FUP, ACT Incredible 1999 has been upgraded to 150 Mbps speed to 500 GB FUP limit from 100 GB Mbps and 350 GB FUP.  Similarly, under SME (Small, Medium Enterprise) monthly plan, Beamfiber – 3999 has been upgraded to 300 Mbps speed and 750 GB FUP limit from 200 Mbps speed and 600 GB FUP at no additional cost.

Speaking on the upgraded plans, Mr. Bala Malladi, CEO, Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd commented, “As one of the most favoured and leading internet service provider in Hyderabad with over 70 % market share, we understand the pulse of our customers and continuously strive towards bringing the best internet speeds to them. We recently Giga enabled the entire Hyderabad city that transformed the way internet is being consumed today. To keep the momentum going, our latest upgraded plans coupled with increased speed and higher FUP limits will allow customers to enjoy uninterrupted internet services at unmatched speeds”.


RETAILMonthly Plans Monthly Rental(Rs)Existing plansNew plans
SpeedFUPPost FUP SpeedSpeedFUPPost FUP Speed
A-Max 4104105 Mbps60 GB512 Kbps15 Mbps75 GB512 Kbps
A-Max Swift FTNA5 Mbps85 GB512 Kbps15 Mbps100 GB512 Kbps
A-Max 65065025 Mbps100 GB1 Mbps40 Mbps150 GB1 Mbps
A-Max Rapid FTNA30 Mbps125 GB1 Mbps45 Mbps175 GB1 Mbps
A-Max 1050105060 Mbps200 GB3 Mbps75 Mbps250 GB3 Mbps
A-Max 1299129975 Mbps250 GB3 Mbps100 Mbps300 GB3 Mbps
ACT Incredible 19991999100 Mbps350 GB4 Mbps150 Mbps500 GB4 Mbps
SMEMonthly Plans Monthly Rental(Rs)Existing plansNew plans
SpeedFUPPost FUP SpeedSpeedFUPPost FUP Speed
Beamfiber - 39993999200 Mbps600 GB8 Mbps300 Mbps750 GB8 Mbps
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