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ACT’s Return to Work Program

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Intent of the Program

As a progressive organization, we understand that different people at different life stages might have to opt out of a corporate journey for several reasons. We recognize and respect these choices. We are of the belief that these career breaks do not pose an impediment to one’s potential but only show grit, decisiveness, and spirit.

The decision to embark upon the corporate journey after a break could be as daunting for the person as it is stimulating.

Hence, we have enabled different channels for people with different skill sets and needs to enable a smooth transition back into corporate life.

Who can apply?

  • Parents who had to take a break to take care of children
  • Individuals who had to take a break because of family or personal responsibilities
  • Ex-defense personnel returning from short service commission
  • Individuals who took a break to pursue further studies
  • Individuals who took entrepreneurial breaks
  • Individuals who had to take a break on account of medical reasons

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