Getting hold of the device
How can I get the device - ACT StreamTV4k?
  1. You will need to be an ACT Fibernet customer in the 4 cities it is available in
  2. You will need to be a part of the eligible plans – check the eligible plans here
  3. You will need to pay a deposit of Rs. 1500/- www.actcorp.in/streamtv4k
No. Currently ACT StreamTV4k is available only for ACT Fibernet customers.

We try our best to deliver boxes within 5 business days. However, if there is delay for more than 7 days, please call up our call centre at +91-9121212121

Our Courier partner will try three times to reach you. In case you are not there to receive the box, the box would be returned to ACT office. In that case, please contact our call centre +91-9121212121 or email us on actstreamtv@actcorp.in


ACT stream TV 4K currently is available at 4 locations: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi. You can check out the eligible plans here

You need to be on select eligible plans to request for ACT StreamTV4k. The definition of eligibility criteria changes and please refer www.actcorp.in/streamtv4k

Once on the eligible plan, you need to pay security deposit of INR 1500 and you will be entitled to receive ACT stream TV 4K. If you return the box within 6 months with all accessories in original condition your account will be credited with INR 1500. If you return the box after 6 months, your account will be credited with INR 250.

Connecting the Hardware

It comes with the device, a remote control unit, HDMI cable, 2 AAA batteries, an Ethernet cable, power adapter, and an AV cable

Using the HDMI cable provided, connect the ACT StreamTV4k HDMI output with your TV’s HDMI input. Then connect the power adaptor to ACT StreamTV 4k. Once the ACT StreamTV4k is ON, follow the series of instructions on your screen

Getting started with the device

ACT StreamTV4k is built on Android platform and it is required to login with your Google account

You can login to the box by either entering the mobile number that is registered with ACT for your broadband connection, or you can also login using your broadband user ID and password.

Yes, only then would you be able to use the voice assistant option

Streaming apps

No, the library of apps is different for the mobile play Store and TV Play Store

No. Currently ACT StreamTV4k does not come pre-loaded with Amazon Prime Video

Each app has its own process for login. Please refer respective applications for login process.

Select the app you want to uninstall. Long press the centre button and you will have an option to uninstall the particular app.

Some select apps/ channels may not be available for uninstall.

No. ACT Stream TV 4k, does not support recording of content of any form either on StreamTV 4k device

Live TV

No, the search functionality currently is limited to content from Streaming apps and from android pre built functionalities. It is not currently built and tested for Live TV channels.

No. You will have to subscribe for the channels on ACT StreamTV4k separately. Your existing subscriptions are not valid here.


You have offers on streaming apps – HOOQ and Zee5, other than this we have some exclusive offers on our premium TV channels. All offers available on Act StreamTV4k are listed under the Offers Tab. You can select any offer under the tab and activate the same.

All eligible offers (streaming apps and live TVs) are listed under the ‘Offers’ tab. Only these apps, channels will be eligible for offers.

In case you are not able to activate subscriptions from Offers section, please call up our call centre and discuss what error messages you are getting. Our call centre number is +91-9121212121

You will be billed for your streaming app subscription as well as channel subscriptions will be via your ACT Fibernet broadband bill

Yes, it comes with a built-in Chromecast and supports casting of mobile devices. You can choose ACT streamtv4k1007 to start casting.

The endless list of features

Yes, Act StreamTV4k is Dolby certified and supports Dolby audio to provide you a great sound quality adding to the viewing experience

Yes. ACT StreamTV4k has 2 USB ports where you can plug not just your USB or external hard disk but any other storage device and access the same from any file manager (this can be downloaded from the playstore) we also have a pre-installed file manager.

Yes, you can able to extend storage up to 64GB by adding external a micro SD card.

Yes, you can connect multiple devices over Bluetooth including gaming consoles, speakers etc.

Yes, ACT StreamTV4k supports screen mirroring option that needs to be enabled from your phone or any other device.

Yes, you can connect through HDMI and SPDIF port options provided.


You can change your Google account from the settings menu

No, ACT StreamTV4k currently does not support parental settings.

For Voice search to work, the remote needs to be paired with ACT StreamTV 4k via Bluetooth. To confirm it the remote is paired via Bluetooth please go to

Setting>>Remote and Accessories and check if the ACT StreamTV4k is present

If the remote is not paired via Bluetooth, please initiate pairing by pressing the centre and the volume minus button at the same time until the red light on the remote starts blinking. Your remote should automatically pair now via Bluetooth.

Even after pairing your remote if the voice command is not working, please call up our call-centre.