The speed over Wi-Fi is dependent on multiple factors:

  • The Router has to be compatible for the plan subscribed. Usually router details will be mentioned on the box, for more details, please visit the section -> (How do I know which router is suitable for my plan.)
  • Wi-Fi interference and factors affecting Wi-Fi performance: Interference can reduce the speeds experienced on Wi-Fi. For more information, kindly visit the section -> what is interference and Wi-Fi Signal power loss?
  • For Speeds beyond 40 Mbps ensure that the device is connected to the router on the 5GHz band.
  • For accurate Speed Test results, perform the test by selecting the nearest ACT Fibernet Server on speedtest.net

The Wi-Fi router depends on the internet speed that your plan entitles you to:

Subscribed Plan Speed RangeSuggested Router SupportExamples
Less than or equal to 40 Mbps802.11n - N300 RouterD-Link DIR 615, TP-Link 850N
40 Mbps to 100 Mbps802.11ac - AC750 RouterD-Link DIR 816, TP-Link Archer C20
100 Mbps to 250 Mbps802.11ac - AC1200 RouterD-Link 825, TP-Link AC1200, TP-Link C5
Upto 1 Gbps802.11ac - AC1900 RouterTenda AC15

Wi-Fi signals can experience Interference and Power Loss due to multiple reasons –

  • Presence of other routers within the range of your router (like that of your neighbour, for example) can interfere with its Signals, thereby causing poor performance. Wi-Fi interference due to other routers in the environment can be minimized using the Wi-Fi analyser app and switching over to a suitable Wi-Fi channel. (For more details... visit the section -> How to reduce the effects of Wi-Fi signal interference due to other routers.)
  • Apart from the presence of routers, non-networking devices which work in the same Frequency Band as most routers (2.4 GHz frequency) within the range also cause Interference. Devices include mostly Microwave Ovens and Cordless Phones. 5 GHz frequency band is immune to interference from non-networking devices.
  • Multiple devices being connected to 2.4 GHz Band also causes bad internet experience.

Wi-Fi signals can experience Interference and Power Loss due to multiple reasons –

  • Placement of Router: Placing the router in one corner of the house results in signals being distributed non-uniformly and causing bad experience far from the router. As a good practice, a router needs to be placed in the centre of the house, at an elevated position so that it can talk to multiple devices without having to pass through many obstacles.
  • Presence of large metal objects near the router may negatively impact its performance over Wi-Fi.

A Wi-Fi analyser app would help identify the interference from the neighbouring routers in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Wi-Fi analyser Mobile Apps are freely available on android platform. Install and run the app and find out the channel which is free or having the least interference from another SSID. Based on the results, you may need to switch the channel to the best one in your Router's wireless settings.

The appropriate free channel can be configured in router using the below steps:

  • Login to the router home page using the login credentials. Usually the router login page opens by giving the below url in Browser. or
  • Once logged in, go to the wireless settings and change to the appropriate channel.

Simpler way of configuring the best free channel, is to keep the router wireless channel in Auto mode and reboot the router. Post the reboot, the router automatically selects the best channel available.

For more details, kindly refer to our Wi-Fi leaflet.

  • ACT has a Fair Usage Policy. Under each plan, the customer is entitled to use a finite amount of data. Kindly check if the usage has exceeded the Fair Usage Policy. When the FUP limit is exceeded, the speed is throttled. In this case also, the customer can purchase more data and avail the higher speed.
  • Another thing which can be done is to directly connect a laptop/system with Ethernet port to the cable provided by ACT and verify the speed. This will help identify if the issue exists with the cable or the router.
  • In case the speed issue persists, kindly raise a service request via the support section via ACT Fibernet App. Or the chat bot https://www.actcorp.in/support/login

  • By default, the router login will be blank or ‘admin’ when shipped or reset.
  • Kindly change the credentials to ensure that your home network is secure.
  • Otherwise, botnets and malicious software can infect the routers and devices connected to the router.
  • Also never share the SSID key phrase to anyone who does not need to use your Wi-Fi.
  • Also reboot the router at regular intervals.
  • WPS to be disabled

We have a well-documented step by step process to support you for configuring your router. Kindly visit the section. -> https://www.actcorp.in/support/router-support

In Case your router is not available in this section, do not worry. Kindly visit the Manufacturers website/forum for more help.

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