The Joy of Giving to the Community


There’s no joy bigger than the joy of giving and seeing the smiles the simple act of giving brings on innocent faces. At ACT, we believe we become responsible citizens of our country and reliable members of our community only when we give back. As our way of giving back to our community, we have a host of initiatives, which include:

  • Free medical camps
  • Improving drinking water accessibility
  • Fostering women empowerment
  • Sponsoring marathons for meaningful causes
  • Donating clothes to the needy
  • Donating mortuary freezers to BBMP offices for the underprivileged
  • Installing CCTV cameras across Bangalore
  • Providing CCTV e-surveillance support to Bangalore police
  • Creating Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Helping out during natural disasters
  • Restoring temples
  • And more

Under our Joy of Giving program is another initiative that helps us give back to the community. As a part of this initiative, we support an NGO called ANT situated in Lower Assam’s Rowmari. In collaboration with the NGO, we have raised Rs. 24,000 by selling handmade accessories through stalls set up across our offices. The money we raise helps us support village development activities in Bodoland’s Chirang district. We have also been continuously supporting various schools, orphanages, and NGOs with stationery and groceries using the funds we raise with our efforts.

Cleaner & Greener Public Parks for a Healthy and Happy Living


The environment builds us with its resources and it is our responsibility to use it with utmost care. Not just that, but it is extremely important for us to sustain it for our future generation’s survival too. We at ACT Fibernet are trying to provide the public a cleaner and greener environment for a sustainable living with maintenance of Public Parks and protection of the flora and fauna there. This is also helping the people have happier times at the parks in the midst of the city chaos.


Creating a Safer Society to Live in


The crime rate is increasing crime rate it has become extremely important to keep a check on everything happening around the city and preventing anything even remotely bad. In support of the government’s E-Surveillance Project, we have provided CCTV cameras that are installed all around Bangalore and other cities. These are helping the police catch any crime or inappropriate events happening around in snap and preventing any unwanted things it to create a safer environment to live in.

Disposing Garbage the Right Way


More than dumping the waste, it is important to dump it in the correct way. Disposing garbage anywhere has become a serious yet dangerous habit in our country. Be it the streets, inside lanes, parks or even a random corner, the garbage dumps are everywhere. So in support of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, we provided people with dustbins for both wet & dry waste and created awareness on how it is extremely essential to dispose waste correctly and have cleaner surroundings to live in.

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