Wifi Guide for Parents
As your child starts to engage in online learning from home, here are some tips to help you strategically position their study space for an optimised learning experience.
Proximity to the router
The distance between the router and the devices connected to it affects internet speeds. While setting up your child's desk, ensure that it is close to your router. This can preferably be the room where the router is set up or the closest place to it.
Be wary of obstructions
Walls, metal objects and floors interfere with WiFi signals and can reduce the signal strength drastically. Select a place that has the least obstructions between your PC and the router. Keep in mind that objects such as ovens, TVs, cordless phones and fish tanks too can interfere with WiFi signals and make them weak.
Set up the right network
With multiple devices being connected on a single router, it is important to minimise their impact on your child's connectivity. The easiest way is to split connectivity into different frequency bands (most routers support 2.4Ghz and 5GHz bands). Connect with 5GHz for faster connectivity and switch to 2.4GHz for better range when the study desk is far from the router.
Plug-in for maximum speeds
While WiFi connections are the most convenient, they are prone to signal drops and latencies. Direct ethernet connections provide maximum speeds at all times and can be the most efficient connection if your device supports LAN ports.
Run speed test
Set up your child's work desk keeping in mind the above points and run a quick speed test on https://www.speedtest.net/ to check your internet speeds before the classes start online.
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