How To Get Wi-Fi In Every Room Of Your House

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 · 5 mins


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Getting Wi-Fi in every corner of your house is important if you're planning on enjoying uninterrupted streaming and gaming sessions. Even for tasks like browsing the web, checking up on social media, office work, and more we use the internet. Thus, not experiencing any lags or disconnects is key to ensuring we enjoy an optimal digital experience.

If you're facing the problem of Wi-Fi dead zones and want a solution, we've got you covered. Here's what you could do to maximize the Wi-Fi connectivity at home.

  1. Find The Best Router Placement

    From fish tanks, baby monitors, phone lines, or electrical devices that emit electromagnetic radiation like microwaves, your router will be prone to signal interference. These devices and objects get in the way. If you can, move your router to a better location within your house. If you're living in a big house, try to set it close to your laptops and tablets, somewhere at the center of your room or living room perhaps. You could also get a longer cable for easy connections to wall sockets enabling more room, and easy for your movement. This simple tweak makes a big difference to your home internet performance.

  2. Upgrade Your Hardware and Software

    A hardware upgrade for your laptops includes getting state-of-the-art wireless network adapters. These are more adept at picking up signals from your Wi-Fi router than the older models. Besides upgrading your hardware, consider giving your router an upgrade too. The latest models will be able to transmit over longer ranges and ensure a more stable connection. You can also get yourself powerline networking gear which happen to be one of the easiest ways to send your Wi-Fi router signals across different rooms. The signals stay strong and don't lags in speeds, but you have to work this within the layout of your house.

  3. Invest in a Wired Broadband Connection

    If you're having trouble securing the best location for your router, you should look into broadband plans that use Fibernet technology. Optic fiber cables cover longer distances and are more reliable when it comes to data speeds and performance. The cost of ownership is extremely feasible and they offer a lot of advantages, one of which is that they are not prone to breaking easily.

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    You can connect them easily to your routers and never have to worry about electromagnetic interferences or fire hazards as they don’t carry an electrical current. Be sure to talk to your ISP about broadband Wi-Fi plans that make use of Fibernet technology before investing in a new internet connection.

  4. Opt for A Wi-Fi Booster

    A Wi-Fi Booster or WiFi extender can help you get more coverage throughout your home. If you're looking for the best WiFi price on extenders, you will find that Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System as the top contender. There are other less pricey models available as well. We highly recommend doing your research into different models that not only give you extended coverage but offer full Wi-Fi mesh networks. What’s more! Wi-Fi extenders not only work with your Wi-Fi routers and mobile hotspots too.

  5. Sign Up For A Reliable Wi-Fi Broadband Service Provider

    If you are signing up for a new Wi-Fi connection, don't settle for mediocre. Go for the best home Wi-Fi plans and sign up for the fastest Wi-Fi in India. ACT Fibernet is the obvious choice Wi-Fi for home and office plans. Also, if you're weighing the option of adding in a few cables to your router or going for a wired connection you will find not any better option when compared to an optic fiber Wi-Fi broadband. This technology gives you the best home Wi-Fi experience and provides access to consistent speeds of upto 1Gbps, unlike most other Wi-Fi internet connection plans.

Wi-Fi internet has transformed our lives and is shaping the way we work and interact in society. Enjoying an uninterrupted home Wi-Fi connection is important and following the right practices will go a long way in that. If you are looking for the fastest Wi-Fi in India when it comes to wired broadband plans, feel free to take a look at ACT broadband.

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