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The thriving culture makes ACT a great place to work. Getting involved in community activities inspires our actions and instils great pride. Recognizing the unique need you have in maintaining a work-life balance, we take a comprehensive approach in providing flexibility around how, where and when work gets done, as well as encouraging our people to participate in thought-provoking activities .


Celebrations @ ACT

When you are happy and content, your productivity increases ten folds. Celebrations at ACT are intended to make ours a happy company and to personally approach life and work with more enthusiasm. Across the year there are various office celebrations that bring us all, including our families together, where everyone recognize and celebrate each other'ssuccess.

ACT Carnival - the first of its kind initiative was conducted across all locations of ACT. Our employees and their families gathered together to celebrate the life at ACT. The activity focused on engaging the children of our employees, as they took part in painting competitions, game stalls amusements, having fun meeting their favourite cartoon characters and more fun. The locations were virtually connected and the activities were projected on large screens at the venues.

At ACT, you witness celebrations ranging from monthly birthday parties to company accomplishments to acknowledging major milestones. The benefits of the celebrations go beyond the enjoyment to create a sense of team unity to work efficiently.



Life at ACT is a fine balance between great work and better lives outside of work too. We respect the need for a balance between work and your personal needs, and to promote flexible working conditions, ACT offers various initiatives to incorporate personal interests into your overall schedule.

ACTitude is one such initiative to make a positive difference in how our employees perceive their work and workplace. Several events, competitions and activities define ACTitude! ACTitude is not only for encouraging a conducive, healthy and cheerful work environment, but also to strengthen the spirit of togetherness, victory and success.



Your health and well-being is integrated into every aspect of ACT'sbusiness module. Recognizing that every one of you is different, we work with you to identify solutions that address your wellness needs. With this aim, ACT Swasthya (in other terms "health") was introduced focusing on health & well-being of the employees at ACT in the year 2012.

To make health a way of life, the sessions focussed on awareness workshops which included talks by eminent doctors in the field of cardiology, orthopaedics, gynaecology for female employees etc. Various health camps have been conducted for employees to assess their health - Eye check-up camps, thyroid assessment, dermatology, heart check-up etc.

Additionally dental camps were conducted in a few locations. Recently, self-defence sessions were conducted for women employees by professional trainers which focussed on simple, yet very effective techniques.



We are committed to bring the best for the people and the planet we live in. We only have one Earth. At ACT, we consider the preservation of our natural environment a high priority.

Prakruti at ACT is an initiative that focuses on environment friendly activities with the involvement of internal employees! Launched in the year 2012, this platform is in alignment with one of our core values, "Be a Socially & Environmentally Responsible Company".

At present, we identify run down playgrounds, unsafe pedestrian walks, government schools, ugly inked walls, ignored parks, garbage dumping points in residential areas, work on getting necessary work permissions and labour towards bringing about a transformation.


Family Day

Being with your family brings positive energy and creates exciting moments. When celebrating a good year's work, you know it's a great feeling to communicate with each other, share stories, and bring laughter among your family members.

At ACT, every quarter we celebrate our families by having a fun filled, memorable and inspiring day of events where our family members are invited to office to connect. Held at every location, typically the family day have fun and learning sessions planned for the entire family where kids can come to enjoy the best day of their year and partners can relax and socialise.



A workplace where there is a constant exchange of ideas involves finding the right formula for the company and its culture. At ACT, you take steps every day to being a creativity manager and help your colleagues enhance their contributions to build a better workplace.

Ideafest is an easy platform for ACT employees to test out ideas, and promote and imbibe a culture of Innovation. Our employees are encouraged to develop their ideas on:

Product innovation

Any change in existing product resulting in higher customer satisfaction and market value (Eg. value added services in Broadband and IPTV)

Process innovation

Modification in existing processes to enhance efficiency, minimize wastage of resources and improve customers' experience, external or internal (eg. Ticketing system for raising complaints

Service innovation

Modification in ways of serving customers to create higher customer satisfaction (eg. Introduction of online payment option to customer)

The platform is open to all employees across all functions and levels. Winning ideas are rolled out across the organisation and will be chosen for awards.


Recognition @ ACT

You are among the best and brightest in the business and with a focus on continuous improvement we reward you for certain achievements and activities. We believe that the right recognition programme can have measureable impact on your job performance and personal development, and hence designed some progressive recognition programmes.

Star Awards

It is extremely important that everyone realizes that their work is appreciated and excellence is rewarded. With intent to consistently reinforce key employee behaviours and outcomes necessary for business success we have introduced "Star Awards" to felicitate star performers. In a glistening ceremony on the 1st Monday of every month, in front a huge gathering of colleagues and peers, the best performers of the month will be rewarded, along with a citation highlighting their excellence. To ensure that the excellence is continued, the awardees will be inducted into the "Spartan Club"

Spotlight Awards

Spotlight Awards is an instant recognition mechanism, where anyone feels or observes that an employee of the organization has excelled in his domain, or has performed beyond expectations, he/she can recognize and recommend that person for rewards. A certificate with the citation written and a gift voucher is given on the spot. This news will then be communicated with other employees and will be displayed on kiosk screens in the office.

This has facilitated an environment of appreciation and pride in the organization. The citations also serve as examples of behaviours that are appreciated. Around 300 employees have been given the Spotlight Awards.

Appreciate Your Colleague Initiative

At ACT we strongly believe that any act big or small should be appreciated. We introduced this platform to provide employees an access to express their gratitude to their colleagues. A "Thanks BOT" has also been introduced recently to automate this platform.

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