You’ll Love Working with Us!

We collaborate, we socialize, we innovate, we get things done—and we do all of that while having a ton of fun. And what we do, brings great happiness and satisfaction in over 1.5 million homes and for businesses across multiple locations. You too can be a part of a motivated team made up of smart people, learn new skills, do challenging yet meaningful work, and become a better professional. Together, we’ll shape the future of triple play services in India.

Do you have talent and want to make an impact? You’re destined to become an ACTian! So what are you waiting for? Come work with us.

ACT in a Snapshot

Life at ACT

Development ACT

At ACT, what we offer is not just a job. We progressively build careers. We’ll give you the platform to develop your skills and unleash your true potential. After all, we are as great as the people who work with us. We work with the best. You get it!

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Inner Sights ACT
Inner Sights

You’ll always find an ear to hear but rarely an ear to listen. We have that rare commodity at our workplace, and we embrace it wholeheartedly. Innersight is our 24/7 counselling program that ensures you’ll find that ear anytime you have something to say.

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Corporate Social Responsibility ACT
Corporate Social Responsibility

We are forever grateful to our society and never miss a chance to show our gratitude. With a host of effective initiatives in place, we constantly strive to make a difference, now and forever. Empowering the society we live in is our way of life.

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Fun @ work ACT
Fun @ work

All work and no play? Not at ACT! Having fun and enjoying ourselves is integral to our work culture. From celebrating festivals and special events to playing games and making merry, ACTians do know a thing or two about having fun at work.

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