How to Set Up a Home WiFi Network

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It has become extremely important to have access to high-speed internet at all times. Be it for personal browsing and video streaming, or for a work from home set up with professional video conferences every other hour, we need a stable internet connection at home. As such, a perfectly functioning and secure home WiFi network is the need of the hour.

WiFi plans will be of no use if we do not set up a home network in the right way. Setting up a home WiFi network is not too difficult. The following steps explain the process in a simple and easy way:

  1. Get the right router

    The very first step in setting up a home WiFi network is to get the right router. It is important to take into consideration factors such as the probable distance between the router and the devices connected, the interference levels based on the number of devices operating nearby, the transfer speed required, and security. It is best for the router to have the latest form of wireless encryption which is WPA2.

  2. Connect the router to the modem

    Next, the port on the router that is labeled WAN/WLAN/Internet is to be connected to the modem using an Ethernet cable. The router should be switched on.

  3. Connect the computer with Ethernet cable

    Though not always necessary, connecting the computer’s LAN port with an Ethernet cable helps to configure the wireless WiFi settings without running the risk of losing the connection to the router.

  4. Install router software

    If the router comes with software, users should install it on the computer. Users should then choose and enter a name for the home WiFi network, the type of security, and a complex password.

  5. Open configuration page

    In case the router does not come with software, users need to connect the router’s configuration page through the web browser. The web address of the router is to be entered on the web browser. This is provided in the manual or documents that come along with the router. The username and password are also to be entered. These details are provided in the manual.

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  6. Enter the internet connection information

    In the next step, users need to enter the IP address and DNS information. The router might enter this information on its own, but if it doesn’t, the information can be gathered by connecting to the ISP.

  7. Secure the router

    An often overlooked but crucial step while setting up a home network is securing the router. A well-secured router can protect all the devices on the home WiFi network against malicious threats and cyberattacks from hackers. Changing the default username and password, updating the router firmware, enabling the router firewall, setting up a guest network, etc. are a few important steps of securing the router.

  8. Set the wireless settings

    On the wireless settings, users can change the name of the home WiFi network which appears on a device on detecting the network. For maximum security, it is recommended that the security encryption be set to the latest version, which is mostly WPA2. Users can also enter and set a strong password of their choice in this section.

  9. Figure out where to place the router

    Once the wireless settings are configured and saved, the router needs to be strategically placed in a position, which facilitates the new WiFi connection to have maximum coverage. Any physical obstacle like concrete walls and pillars, between the WiFi router and the devices, will restrict users from enjoying the best WiFi network.

  10. Connect a device

    Next, any device that works on WiFi can be connected to the home WiFi network. The device will first scan for the network. When the SSID shows up, users will need to enter the password enabled by the WPA2 encryption. The device will connect to the WiFi network. Users can then open any web browser to test the network. It is important to do the research in order to avail of the best WiFi plans.


Thus, setting up a home WiFi network is not as difficult as it first seems. All one needs to do to set up a home network is following all the above-mentioned simple steps. In order to avail of the best WiFi plans for home, go through the various WiFi packages provided by ACT Fibernet. With fiber-optic broadband plans, ACT Fibernet ensures that your home WiFi network works the way it’s supposed to – with great signal and high-speed connectivity.

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