5 Interesting Facts About Wi-Fi We Bet You Didn't Know

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For most individuals in today’s culture, it has become a requirement to stay connected and remain accessible via the Internet always. Whether it is on your phone, laptop, smart watch or tablet, it has become a necessity for you to constantly be connected. Internet mobility and always being online while on the go has increased tenfold in the last few years. People are already accessing the web on the go (smartphones or laptops) in growing numbers as compared to internet accessed by desktops. This proves that individuals are now changing their habits when it comes to internet usage and they are no more restricted to a physical space or desktop to access web. In fact, most individuals want to have instant access right at their fingertips, which is leading to an increase in the number of people who are subscribing to a new internet connection to enjoy fast speeds and faster downloads. We at ACT Fibernet, have feasible internet packages to suit all requirements. We offer broadband services in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru and many other cities across India.

This article talks about a few interesting facts about Wi-Fi that you have probably not heard of in the past. Keep reading to know further:

  1. Wi-Fi Was Previously Known as WaveLAN

    Some of the previous names for Wi-Fi were WaveLAN, IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence, DragonFly, FlankSpeed, and WECA. After these names, the more consumer-friendly term for Wi-Fi was adopted. The term “Wi-Fi” was coined by Interbrand as a play on words of the term “Hi-Fi” which stands for “High Fidelity”. However, Wi-Fi doesn’t actually stand for anything. 

  2. Wi-Fi Networks Can Be Affected by Microwaves

    Have you ever wondered why your YouTube video slows down or stops playing when you are heating up that Italian takeout? Wireless devices often lose internet connectivity whenever the microwave oven is running. This happens because the microwave ovens release a massive amount of energy when it's being used, which tend to interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. 

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  3. The Wi-Fi Performance Drops Around Wireless Devices

    The performance of a Wi-Fi connection dramatically drops as soon as more devices connect to it. Even though the majority of routers claim that they can support up to 255 devices, in reality, an internet connection becomes nearly unusable at this point. The main problem is bandwidth, which differs from router to router. Another issue is if there are multiple Wi-Fi networks around you, your device may become slow as multiple signals can interfere with the signal’s clarity. We at ACT Fibernet offer most consistent and an unparalleled internet experience through latest technology of fiber broadband. 

  4. Wi-Fi Can Travel Great Distances

    Majority of the Wi-Fi networks are usually for domestic use, and generally, have a range of around 30m. However, there exist specially developed Wi-Fi networks, which can travel for a whopping 275km! This is made possible by using Wi-Fi range extenders. Another thing that you need to know is that domestic Wi-Fi signal may fall far short of 10 meters if there are any heavy obstacles such as heavy-duty appliances, walls, or electronics running nearby. 

  5. Wi-Fi Does Not Affect Health

    There exist a common myth that Wi-Fi signals can be harmful to your health over a period of time and need to be shut off when not in use. However, it has been proved that Wi-Fi signals are far safer than mobile phones. There has been no scientific proof of reported illnesses caused due to Wi-Fi signals.

Wi-Fi has made our lives easier and better. It has also played a considerable role in bringing people together no matter what their geographical locations are. Wi-Fi has basically changed the face of the world, and this is not an opinion anymore, it is a fact!

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