5 Most useful wireless things around us

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Wireless 5 Most useful wireless things
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Not a day goes by in our lives without access to the internet, we are addicted to it for simplest of things from entertainment to banking. While the internet has definitely bridged the knowledge gap between developed and developing countries, wireless internet has made this digital experience a reliable, uniform, and seamless entity. A new generation of innovation pertaining to Smart Devices, Internet of Things & Augmented/Virtual Reality has changed the way people consume internet. Our current internet consumption patterns in India are exploring merely the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot to explore between "purchasing an internet connection" to "making technology work for you".

So, let's delve deeper into making the most out of your wireless internet with the 5 most useful wireless gadgets available in India, which can simplify our lives:

Smart Home Tools:

Wireless Internet has enabled the use of smoke detectors, smart lights, burglar alarm system, video door phones, CCTV, electronic lockers, and smart entertainment systems. This means that while you are away at work, your home is completely secure and these systems will report any inconsistencies directly to your mobile. Additionally, during your commute back home, you can set your room temperature, record Live TV as you missed the live telecast of the big game, turn on the bathroom geyser for a warm shower, and set the room lights to your mood from a simple mobile app.

Smart Printers:

With so many devices connected to the internet in a single household, the need for a wireless printer is imminent. It not only connects wirelessly, but you can also send print jobs to it from a remote location outdoors. On the other hand, many companies have started using wireless 3D printers for digital modeling of the design and testing phase of their products before market launch. This has substantially reduced their R&D costs, as they can in-house manufacture, experiment and experience their product at a fraction of the actual production cost.

Smart Glasses:

Do you remember the excitement of watching your first 3D movie in a theatre? The trends are quickly changing as terms like Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality is becoming commonplace. Both of these cutting-edge technologies change the way we perceive and interact with our own surroundings. While Google Glass is anticipated to resume production by the end of this year. There are a few companies selling smart glasses in India fitted with a high-quality camera to capture HD quality images and videos. The astounding success of Pokemon Go on one hand and the hundreds of listings of "affordable VR glasses" selling in India across various e-commerce platforms is an indication that we are ready to embrace both of these new technologies with aplomb.

Health Monitoring:

Not just the fitness freaks/health enthusiasts, wearable fitness devices are being used by people across age groups irrespective of whether they are appropriately using it or not. These devices have become a fashion statement and can not only track your daily activities, sleep patterns, and calorie intake but also suggest you exercises, improvement techniques, and monitor your vital signs on-the-go. There are plenty of devices like smart bands, fitness trackers, portable air-purifiers, pocket-friendly health diagnostic systems for Blood Pressure/Heart Rate/Sugar etc that are in popular demand. Even if you do not want to purchase a device, there are plenty of fitness apps that can be used for similar purposes and be refined to meet your needs. So, next time you forget to drink 3 Litres of water day, simply download an app and never stay dehydrated again.

Real-Time Services:

In the last decade, one of the biggest advantages of using wireless internet has been the mushrooming of real-time services. While Google & Facebook are tech giants leading the world with their real-time services like Maps & Crisis Response (Mark yourself safe) respectively, there has been a surge in the number of innovative start-ups catering to this market. Even mobiles are using Apple Cloud & Google Drive to take backup on the cloud. Apart from the cloud storage, real-time remote collaborative systems are increasingly being used for documentation, real-time chat, project management, resource scheduling, testing/ticketing status, event planning, and message boards. Tracking your e-commerce shipments is one such common use of these real-time services.

We are riding on this new tide called internet which has already leaped beyond conventional devices (laptops and smartphones). These smart devices not only improve our quality of life but also increase our productivity. In a nutshell, we are heading towards smart cities, smart homes, connected cars, connected healthcare, and basically a unified automated world. Most of these aspects are already available in one form or another. We already have GPS tracking enabled and Live Maps integrated Connected Cars. The dream of Digital India has already shouldered a brave step towards the creation of Smart Cities across the nation. In the times to come, India will also witness urban development in tune with IoT & ICT. This will enable growth of self-sustainable cities that have sensors for ensuring integrated infrastructure, communities, law enforcement, energy management, transportation etc.

The time has come to utilize the world of internet as a gateway to opportunities, skill development, commerce, knowledge sharing, community building, and individual economic growth. And, wireless internet is the key to unlock the true potential of the internet.

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