5 reasons people are switching from TV to VoD

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017 · 2 mins



Do you remember tuning into your favorite channel at a particular time every day just for watching the first season of Big Boss? Do you remember reading the newspaper to watch what time and on which channel your favorite Hollywood movie was going to be telecasted that day? If you are a Millennial then probably all this already sounds old school to you. Clearly, times have changed. You no longer need to adjust your schedule around your favorite TV sitcoms or movies because in this fibernet era Video-on-Demand (VOD) has revolutionized the way we consume video content. From Live Sports, Movies, Sitcoms to Reality TV everything is now being streamed on VoD apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, Hungama, ALTBalaji, YuppTV, HOOQ, Fastfilmz etc.

If you'd like to know why VoD is gaining such popularity and what are its advantages, then this is a must read blog for you.

  1. Convenience over compromise:

    The biggest advantage with VoD is that you can choose to watch whatever you like, whenever you want, and wherever you are. Unlike TV you are not bombarded by ads every now and then, you can choose from thousands of content according to your mood, and enjoy access across all your devices from a SmartTV to Smartphone. Best thing is, that if you had to leave in the middle of a video, you can always resume watching it later. Even if you don't own a smart TV, you can simply purchase a cast device that can be plugged into your TV and you can cast using your smartphone/tablet/laptop. Clearly, the convenience of not restricting yourself to a particular D2H operator, not compromising on missing your favorite shows and watching your shows/movies when you want is a big reason why many people are switching to VoD

  2. Affordability:

    As far as the 'cost' is concerned VoD services are fairly affordable as compared to the traditional D2H TV connection. Often the first month for subscription-based VoD apps is free (Netflix/Prime), or else there are freemium apps that have a combination of free and paid content such as Hotstar or ALTBalaji. Some of these VoD services are also being offered as Value Added Services by selected internet service providers. On the contrary, with D2H you often need to stick to fixed packages and pay for every single channel that you subscribe which is not included in the package. Which results in a relatively high annual subscription cost. With VoD there is no additional cost required such as the set-up-box or a satellite dish. All you need is a steady internet connection.  For a fraction of the price of a single D2H, you can subscribe to many VoD providers simultaneously.

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  3. Connectivity:

    The only pre-requisite you need for watching Video on Demand is a smart device (TV, laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet etc) connected to a high-speed broadband internet connection. While all of us already own one or the other smart devices, you actually need to opt for a high-speed broadband internet connection to enjoy HD or UHD content streaming across multiple devices.

  4. Synced Devices:

    With our current lifestyles, it is common to switch between devices even while watching a show. For instance, you could be watching a movie on a VoD app on your smartphone during your commute back home from work. After you reach home, you decide to resume watching the climax of the movie now in the comfort of your home on your 42 inch HD TV. You could very easily do that with VoD as your watchlist is synced across all your devices. Switching between devices is the need of the hour for many, and VoD bridges that gap seamlessly.

  5. A plethora of options:

    A wide variety of TV sitcoms/movies/web-series are offered by VoD providers across all genres. They ensure you have thousands of different types of video content on their app including news, live sports, live TV, international/regional cinema etc. You could be watching Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood & more only from an app. As production houses are now investing in their own VoD apps a lot of new content is being freshly brewed everyday to cater to the diverse taste of the masses. More and more players are coming into this space as VoD has literally enamored millions of people who have switched from TV to online streaming. There are more than half a dozen VoD providers in the country with platforms that are not only offering movies, sitcoms, web-series etc. but are also producing their own unique content which is specifically available on their own app.

Are you still tangled in the cord of traditional TV? Irrespective of whether the War/Winter is coming or the world is turning upside down! VoD is not a thing of the future anymore. It is the present and pushing digital divide every single day. The millennials are increasingly opting for Video on Demand services because of the freedom to watch content on-the-go.

Get a high-speed internet connection and hop on the VoD bandwagon to enjoy the simple pleasures of living in the 21st century. You no longer need to be stuck in the realm of traditional TV D2H providers. Go beyond the linear TV experience and switch to a portable content viewing experience 'On Demand' literally.

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