5 Reasons Why the ACT Fibernet Mobile App is a Must Have!

Tuesday, May 02, 2017 · 3 mins


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Let's face it, there's nothing more convenient than living your life out with pretty much everything accessible through your phone!

We can order food, get our laundry done, buy groceries, book movie tickets, call a plumber home, and even get our hair done, all with the help of our favourite brands finding more ways than one to make life easier for us.

When you think of internet service providers in this mix, you can't help but wonder how much one mobile app can do for you, can you? But that's the best part about our mobile app! While your internet broadband connection gives you a buffer-free access to the world, the ACT Fibernet mobile app, gives you convenience like never before!

Let's take a quick look at five awesome reasons why you need to pair your ACT Fibernet high speed Internet connection, with the mobile app too:

1] Track your Data Usage

From that secret worry that someone could be stealing your Wi-Fi, to wondering how much you've used all month, the ACT Fibernet mobile app can lay all your doubts to rest, with a super easy option to track your data usage whenever you want!

2] Register a service or billing query

From changes in the weather to sudden obstacles with your connection, when it comes to broadband services, issues with your connection are possible at unforeseen times. But when a problem strikes, all you have to do is open the app on your phone and register a complaint. How simple is that?

3] Purchase FlexyBytes

Have you crossed your data limit? Not to worry! Now you can buy flexyBytes through the ACT Fibernet App, this allows you to buy data as per your requirement and continue surfing at incredible speeds! Also, you can track your FlexyBytes usage exclusively on the App!

4] Pay Your Bill

Running around to pay bills is a headache none of us wants. The mobile app makes it easy for ACT Fibernet users to stay on top of bill payments. You can pay your bills anytime, anywhere without worrying about late payment, disconnection or any other inconveniences.

5] Access Multiple Accounts

If you're a big fan of the high speed internet we offer, and have a connection for your mom's house, at your office and one at home too; what you really need to make the journey effortless is the ability to access all your ACT Fibernet accounts. And the ACT Fibernet mobile app lets you do just that.

We are constantly working to improve your experience on the app by adding new features. The latest version of the app can be downloaded on Android / iOS

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