5 Reasons Why the ACT Fibernet Mobile App is a Must Have!

Tuesday, May 02, 2017 · 10 mins


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ACT offers high-speed internet at affordable prices to individual and corporate customers across several cities. In a bid to truly revolutionize internet access to our customers, we have deployed extensive research to develop a comprehensive app. Our app is designed to streamline customer needs into a simple click of the button. We are constantly updating and improving the capabilities of the app in order to simplify the interactions of our customers with their internet connection.

According to research published by ComScore, people ages 18–44 are spending more than 50 percent of their digital time in mobile apps. The younger demographics are far more likely to use a mobile device, while older groups are more likely to use a desktop. In such a scenario, it is prudent and convenient to offer a reliable app that reduces the need for long wait customer calls and longer execution times.

Our ACT Fibernet mobile app is designed to help you simplify all your internet needs. Here are five reasons why you should download the app today.

  1. Manage your ACT Fibernet Account

    The ACT Fibernet app encompasses all the data pertaining to your ACT internet account. From a summary of the current plan, tracking the data usage you’ve done over the days, any due payments, new plans that might interest you, finding relevant add-ons and value-added services, and much more, the app is a perfect hub to manage your account with ACT Fibernet. You can also find quick links for paying all the dues from the comfort of your home, upgrade your internet plans, and even refer friends to opt for ACT Fibernet services, all in one place!

  2. Pay bills

    One of the most convenient features of our app, customers can easily pay their internet bills from the comfort of their homes. The app allows customers to choose from a variety of payment options and even set a default option. Customers are sent push messages that remind them of their payment cycle and the total amount due. You can explore the details of your bill, email the bill for accounting purposes, and apply any coupon codes you might have when making the payment.

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  3. Register a service or billing query

    This is where our app truly shines with our customers reporting this as the most used feature. Avoid long calls and instead simply request a service at the touch of a button no matter the time of day. If you have any issues with your internet speed, billing, ACT Fibernet account, etc., you can easily access your records to examine your usage by raising a service request. You can go further and raise queries which will be addressed promptly from our side.

  4. Purchase flexybytes

    ACT broadband is entirely customisable in that you can buy additional data in case you have run out based on your existing packaging. Your needs might change month to month or you suddenly have a new project that requires more data. With the ACT mobile app, you can quickly and immediately purchase flexybytes in different slabs of total data and speed. Keep track of the usage of the additional data using the app.

  5. Maintain multiple accounts

    You can keep all your accounts in one place and access them easily. Switch from one account to another and access all of our great features from one mobile device. You can track the amount of data your different accounts are using, make payments for individual internet connections, maintain and change the plans according to your needs. You can even apply for a new account from the convenience of our app.

ACT continues to revolutionize broadband connection for regular Indians. Our ethos is based on deploying innovative and cutting-edge technology to serve our customer needs in a user-friendly manner as seen with our mobile app. We are committed to setting new benchmarks for customer care which has been helped greatly by the mobile app. Customers regularly report that the reduction of having to call customer service has improved their experience with our service. Download the ACT Fibernet mobile app today for a comfortable and convenient internet experience.

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