5 Reasons You Should Switch over To A Fiber Optic Network

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 · 5 mins


Fiber Broadband

The advent of fiber optic technology has urged internet service providers to up their game, and offer broadband speeds to customers which accommodate the use of their technological ventures. Disruptive technologies have pushed us to live in a hyper-active digital world, and a fast broadband connection is an imminent need of the hour for almost every human on the planet.

There are many options for individuals to connect to the internet, whether it is mobile data or a broadband connection. But fiber-optic networks have made a boom since their emergence in the market, and rightly so. Let’s explore the top 5 reasons you should consider switching to a fiber-optic network.

  1. Lightning Fast Speed with No Interruptions

    One of the primary reasons for fiber-optic network emerging as a front runner is due to its capabilities of offering staggering internet speed. Fiber-optic internet networks use cables made of long, precise glass strands. This can transmit light over long distances using the principles of total internal reflection. This means the transmitting speed of optical cables is almost as fast as the speed of light! ACT Corp leverages this technology to offer overwhelming upload and download speeds to the users for a seamless internet surfing, streaming or gaming experience.

  2. No Issues With Weather Extremities or Electro Magnetic Interferences

    Electro-Magnetic Interference or EMIs can block the transmission of signals on copper-based cables. Similarly, weather conditions like heavy rain can affect these types of cables to disrupt their capabilities. With a fiber-optic network, these elements cause no issues as it uses Light as its source of transmission, which isn’t affected by either EMIs or weather conditions of any kind.

  3. Uploading, Downloading - Symmetric Speed

    People often get confused about the difference between upload and download speeds. When you surf the web, whether for streaming or just simple web exploring, download speed is what determines the loading speed of your search. Upload speed factors in when you’re uploading any type of file on the internet.

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    Most broadband connections offer high download speeds and low uploading speeds. Fiber optic internet takes this dilemma out by offering symmetrical high download and upload speeds. Moreover, with the constant growth of internet activities of individuals, fiber internet acutely serves your internet requirements for this exact reason!

  4. Say Goodbye to Latency and Attenuation

    Latency is the time period between you giving a command over the internet and when it actually happens. It is basically a delay that occurs between data transfer. Attenuation is the weakening of the signal of your broadband connection as the distance between your device and the modem increases. Fiber optic cable internet has a fluid transmission of data as it relies on light, which eliminates latency. Fiber broadband also loses only 3% of the signal as compared to 94% lost by other types of broadband connections, offering a much lower attenuation, which is why it is also so easily accessible in the most rural of the areas too.

  5. Environment Friendly

    Fiber optic internet is the most eco-friendly option among all other broadband alternatives in the market. It reduces waste, doesn’t require high maintenance, consumes lesser energy, and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It is also highly sustainable and long-lasting as it is mostly unaffected by most external elements like weather. All this makes fiber-optic networks one of the most reliable and environmentally healthy choices for individuals or businesses looking for a broadband connection.


Fiber optic network is a future proof broadband solution which is perhaps the best choice for a broadband connection. ACT Fibernet specializes in providing superlative and reliable fiber-optic internet services all over India. Switch to our fiber optic broadband connection today, and navigate through our various plans to find the one which best fits your needs.

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