5 Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs to Be on Right Now!

Monday, May 29, 2017 · 3 mins


Social Media Platforms for Business

Social media is the 21st-century version of a town square. Millions of Netizens across the globe gather here, ready to discuss and participate in the next exciting event. This gives your marketing team a new and exciting playing field. If used right, social media could be a goldmine to discover prospects.

By the end of this post, you will know what works on the five most popular social media platforms. Use these tips to make your brand the magnet that attracts your target audience.

  1. Facebook

    Facebook - the world's largest social media network - boasts of nearly 1.94 million active users! Its user base is a ©lange of diverse geographies, age groups, and economic backgrounds with a common purpose - to stay updated with the lives of those within their immediate and extended social circles.

    Facebook is a social media superhero with two amazing powers:

    1. Amazing attention-holding ability
    2. Wondrously wide reach

    These offer a world of opportunities for your business to connect with customers. Regardless of the type or size of your business, Facebook is the perfect launchpad for your social media marketing campaign.

    On this friendly playground, get ready to rub shoulders with businesses ranging from finance, retail, and entertainment to telecom, technology, and consumer goods. Each player is trying to outdo the others in an effort to grab attention.

    How do you make yourself heard? Four words: Connect. With. Your. Audience. Don't sell; build relationships and inspire loyalty.

  2. Twitter

    If your target audience is tech-savvy and vocal, you should consider joining the Twitterati league. It is always abuzz with "the current," be it political missteps, fashion faux pas, or sports scores. People huddle here to learn from influencers or simply get useful tips on everyday life. Word spreads faster than a forest fire on this platform.

    How do you get the blue birds chirping your business message? Keep things simple and witty. Be brief. Stay relevant.

    Besides sharing information and brand communication, Twitter also lets you grab the bull by the horns when it comes to customer service. When customer complaints come and they will you must be ready to tackle them in the quickest and most efficient way possible before they snowball into a brand-bashing bloodbath.

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  3. Instagram

    Instagram is the youngest and peppiest of all popular social media platforms. This quirky photo-sharing app is perfect to shine the spotlight on retail businesses selling fashion, luxury, and lifestyle goods. Food outlets and travel businesses also get their five minutes of fame here.

    With its unique filters, Instagram offers you a great way to attract customers by putting your product's best side forward. The key to giving your business a leg-up on Instagram is quality visual content. Remember that Instagrammers are not there to read but to see, so let your pictures do the talking.

  4. YouTube

    YouTube is arguably the hottest video-sharing platform today. It is also the second-largest search engine in the world. YouTubers fall in the age range of 25 to 45 years. So, if you belong to the news, entertainment, gaming, or beauty industry and are catering to this target group, then your presence on YouTube is a must.

    How do you stand out amidst the clutter? Inform with integrity or entertain with originality.

    Remember not to mess with the title, description, and tags of the videos you post as they help your audience get what they are looking for.

  5. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn wears the suit and tie. It offers you one of the easiest and best ways to strengthen your professional network and attract top talent.

    In addition to B2C businesses, it proffers a unique opportunity for B2B businesses to make their presence felt. For business owners, senior executives, and professionals alike, it is an invaluable platform to share knowledge and insights. Thought leaders and influencers thrive on LinkedIn.

The marketplace is a battlefield. Add one or more of these social media platforms in your arsenal, follow the rules of engagement, and lead your business to digital marketing victory.

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