5 Technological Innovations that Changed the World

Friday, Jun 23, 2017 · 3 mins


Technical Innovations

We have come a long way from inventing wheels and discovering fire. And every tiny step down the path to progress, no matter how seemingly insignificant, has led us here. From smartphones to robots and artificial intelligence, science and technology have now made possible what would simply be called "magic" if witnessed a couple of millennia ago.

While some groundbreaking innovations change things quickly, others lay the foundation for ones in the future. Here are some of the coolest new technologies that have taken us to the next level.


We all know about the three big Ws. Yes, the ones in the address bar of this very page! We"re talking about the World Wide Web, which was invented by Sir Tim Berners Lee in 1989.

Affectionately referred to as the Web, it is a collection of webpages on an interconnected network of computers. The Web transformed the world into a global village, connecting us in ways that weren"t possible before. It is the reason you can send a message across the globe in a matter of seconds, post a funny puppy video for everyone to see, research on the Zulu tribes of South Africa, or even read this blog on your way to work.

Fiber Optics

Move over copper cables; say hello to fiber optics! Why? Well, for starters, fiber optics drastically increase bandwidth and are capable of providing high-speed Internet. You can"t miss the speed difference 22-minute download will take as little as 8 seconds on an optic fiber! No, we aren't exaggerating.

So, what is fiber optics? And how does fiber optics work? Fiber optic cables are made from strands of flexible glass fibers and are used to transmit light signals. They work well for long-distance transfer of high-speed signals. They are also smaller and more flexible compared to copper cables, making it easier to install.

Internet service provider, ACT Fibernet, pioneered next-generation Internet speeds in India. It launched 1 Giga speed in Hyderabad, thus, ushering in a revolution.

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A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Camera drones have given humankind more than just stunning aerial photography. They have a not-so-rosy past and have actually been around for more than a century. Did you know that these unmanned aerial vehicles were used by the U.S. military as "cruise missiles" winged bombs made of cardboard and papier-ch"in combat?

Over time, the drones flew off the battlefield but are still a part of important undertakings like surveying and mapping, inspection, science and research, security, monitoring, as well as search-and-rescue missions.

Satellite Imaging

Satellites fly around the Earth, scanning large areas at a time and giving us information. Satellite imaging was first used by the US and the Soviet Union for "conducting scientific research" or, as we recently discovered, spying on each other.

Today, satellite imaging really has scientific applications. We have a couple of satellites looking outward, seeking signs of life in outer space; however, most of them are focused back home, gathering valuable information about our planet's land, air, and water. With the help of satellites, we can observe wildfires, volcanoes, and smoke, and predict the weather and climate. They also help control the spread of disease and assist farmers in deciding which crops to grow.

Virtual Reality

The future is here and it brings Virtual Reality (VR). It immerses you in an artificial three-dimensional world created by a computer. You may interact with this simulated environment like you would in a real-life situation by using special electronic equipment. VR has entered almost every sector from entertainment, education, fashion, and sports, to business, military, and scientific visualization.

Besides letting you live your favorite movies, it also helps soldiers train in simulated battlefields. While VR lets you indulge in your favorite shooter game, it is also helping local law enforcement personnel reconstruct a crime scene. The uses of VR are far-ranging and significant. And like all the innovations of this list, it helps enrich our lives.

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