6 Benefits of Business Fiber Internet Service

Monday, Jun 22, 2020 · 5 mins


Business Fiber Internet Service

Business Fiber Internet is the future proof upgrade businesses should be looking at. Although Fiber is relatively new, the benefits have to outweigh the costs or risks associated. But businesses with business fiber internet has seemed to raise a significant amount of revenue.

Irrespective of the kind of business you have, you are to stay connected with your clients throughout the day. So, naturally, a company seeks a business-grade internet connection. The faster the speed and higher the reliability, the higher will be the productivity.

Note: Fiber Optics Internet uses glass or plastic fiber wires to transmit their data, unlike broadband that uses copper wires.

Why Should You Opt Business Fiber Internet Service?

Business Fiber Internet benefits companies of all scales, especially the ones that rely on cloud storage and applications. Businesses that require VoIP telephony and uninterrupted connections should consider upgrading to a business fiber internet service.

Media has been talking about fiber internet in the context of gaming, streaming, and downloading. Although that remains relevant, there is little to no information on why businesses should opt for this service. Experts are still figuring out ways to make the most out of fiber internet. The urgency to have instant data access and faster internet have already created a vacuum of demand. Businesses are desperate for an internet upgrade that offers them - reliable and faster speed, extreme bandwidth, enhanced security protocols, SLA compliance, and optimal performance. In that regard, Business Fiber Internet Services fits the bill perfectly.

Benefits of Business Fiber Internet Service For your Future Proof Upgrade

Cloud application reliability

82% of organizations are relying on hybrid cloud workflow which is an 8 percent increase since 2014. With the faster adoption of cloud applications, private cloud agreements are allowing businesses to cut down on their hosting costs while reinforcing healthy security protocols. But with cloud applications comes an appetite for bandwidth, which is why your connection lags if you are using broadband service. The noticeable lags or latency issues can often lead up to incurring losses, which however can be navigated proficiently if you are using a business fiber broadband. You get to move your data in and out of your cloud storage without the internet choking your workflow.

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Adoption of newer applications

With the adoption of cloud and faster internet, companies are streamlining their resources spent on business communication via VoIP telephony. The former volume consumed by emails has been cut down as well with real-time chat applications. With a business-grade fiber optics connection, your chances of scalability increases, streamlining workflow and improving on team collaboration.

Integrating more devices

With the culture of BYOD residing in the present work culture, your employees are likely to bring multiple mobile devices. A study shows that employees who have access to mobile devices are likely to be more productive and willing to even work-from-home after prescribed work hours. More devices require more bandwidth for a stable workflow, and fiber optics internet connectivity can support multiple mobile devices - increasing the chances of better collaboration and work portability.

Video Customer Service

Amazon was one of the first businesses to offer video-based customer support along with chat and telephoning options. With the screen sharing option, customers can engage with the customer service representative who can troubleshoot in no time. Any brand can streamline their customer support resource by adding video customer support. Being able to help someone through video in real-time can save time and make troubleshooting less overwhelming. And, fiber connectivity can support the infrastructure of an implementation like this, even for large scale companies that have a high influx of customer case requests.

Leveraging Business Fiber Connectivity

Internet connection over fiber offers you enormous bandwidth and speed improvement, allowing multiple possibilities of growth for your business. From IoT driven ecosystems to a flexible workflow structure, Fiber Optics can be your missing link in the equation of success. Choose the best business fiber broadband service provider in town, choose ACT Enterprise.

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