Business Internet Service: 7 Things Businesses Need From Their Internet Service Provider

Monday, Sep 28, 2020 · 10 mins


7 Things Businesses Need From Their Internet Service Provider

From staying in touch with the clients to letting the team stay connected irrespective of their location, businesses need the internet for various things. In fact, during the recent years, internet shutdowns have resulted in massive losses across the world. India alone lost over 1.3 billion dollars. Small businesses in particular might take a more severe hit. Getting a stable internet connection for business is easy today and there are many cost-effective plans you can choose from. But when it comes to comparing the options and picking the best business internet service provider, the following are a few factors you need to consider.

  1. Bandwidth

    Bandwidth is the attribute that is commonly referred to as the network speed. From cloud data backups to teleconferencing, there are various business applications for which you need a high-speed internet connection. Usually, giga speeds are required for a good internet experience at office.

  2. Network security

    DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection is one of the most popular security features that business internet providers offer. This helps in protecting your online business from hackers, and therefore, plays a critical role in data security. When this feature is integrated into the offered internet connection, your network is monitored continuously for threats.

  3. Corporate internet redundancy

    Organizations get internet redundancy by installing a secondary connection that runs on a different backbone. The idea is to ensure the availability of a network in case of a failure in the original set-up. If there are glitches in the network that lead to connectivity issues, you would not lose connection. This would prevent dropped calls, and therefore, provide a smooth virtual conference experience.

  4. Round the clock support

    You also need to work with an internet provider who offers round the clock support. The technical team should be reachable through multiple channels like telephone, chat, and mail. Only if there is round-the-clock support, you would be able to get timely troubleshooting. This lets you feel fully in control of the network knowing that any kind of network issue can be resolved quickly.

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  5. Dedicated lines

    Dedicated internet lines for business internet users can be effective when there are different offices to be connected. This strengthens the credibility of the connection and allows the maximum utilization of the allotted bandwidth. Investing in a dedicated line would be the best investment to make both for small and large businesses.

  6. Ease of setup and configuration

    Setting up wired connection usually takes time. You should work with a business internet provider who provides quick installation of the cabling and other hardware setups. The configuration of the network to customize based on your business needs should also be easy and quick.

  7. Scalability

    Some small business internet providers might not provide the option to extend the bandwidth when the business grows. On the other hand, the plans offered by a larger corporate internet provider might seem too expensive for a small business. This is why you should study the scalability of the services offered by the internet provider before making your choice. There should be convenient plans that allows you scale up as and when your business grows, and you have a larger budget at hand.


Give the times, most businesses rely on internet connectivity to communicate with employees and customers. Without a reliable connection, your company can come to a standstill. If you have a small office at home and you are wondering ‘can I use residential internet for business?’ Well, you should not as you may lose a potential customer because of the slow internet. What you need in an internet connection is larger bandwidth, better security, self-healing properties. This is why you should work with an ISP who has the experience of offering internet for business users in various industries.

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