Dedicated Virtual Speed Lanes: ACT Fibernet Offers Assured Speeds with ACT SmartFiber Technology®

Wednesday, Nov 24, 2021 · 10 mins


Benefits of Virtual Speed Lanes

In 19 of its operating cities, ACT Fibernet now offers a customised Internet Service using their groundbreaking ACT Smartfiber® technology. Recently ACT Fibernet introduced their new technology and its benefits to their new and existing users.

One of the major benefits of the ACT SmartFiber technology that powers ACT Fibernet is its Dedicated Virtual Speed Lanes. This is the most advanced fiber optic technology where ACT Fibernet creates a virtual ‘speed lane’ or virtual pipe from your home right upto its data center.

Benefits of Virtual Speed Lanes:

  • Faster Download/Upload Speeds:

    Internet connections with dedicated virtual speed lanes will be superfast and swift 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you'll never have to worry about it being slow during "peak hours" because your firm will be the only one using it.

  • MAX bandwidth:

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    This means you'll never be limited in terms of bandwidth. ACT Fibernet uses virtual speed lanes to make sure you get the promised speeds rather than "upto" speeds. SO no more ‘up to speeds’ only MAX Speeds. 24* 7. Assured.

  • Upload speed = Download speed:

    With dedicated virtual speed lane, you will get download speed = upload speed. So if you have 100mbps connection, you will get 100 mbps download speed and 100 mbps upload speed. So all your heavy files being uploaded to cloud can be all done in a jiffy.

With ACT Smartfiber®, the company guarantees that each individual customer will have their own dedicated virtual lanes to ensure 100% assured plan speeds for both upload and download - 24*7.

ACT Fibernet users will always have the fastest connection over multiple devices seamlessly without lags,buffers or jitters. The bandwidth pipe is efficiently optimized and scalable, so you experience full speeds at all times. With ACT Fibernet’s innovation in infrastructure and network architecture, you get a virtually congestion-free network with revolutionary ACT Smartfiber® technology.

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