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Tuesday, Aug 04, 2020 · 10 mins


Cyber Attack Protection

A data breach is not a story of today, from decades, even before the digital age, data breaches occurred. Accessing written information without authorization or permission of an individual is considered as a data breach. A data breach has no fixed pattern - it happens in different sizes, amounts, and various forms. Here is a list of types of data breaches.


  • Non-Permitted Access:

    Every digital technology needs permission to access the information from an authorized person. This means it acts as a protection layer for sensitive information. If this layer is broken down, then consider it as a breach. Unauthorized access to attain sensitive information means data breach which could lead to a loss in personal information. This is not only dangerous because it can be used by thieves for illegal activities but it will also cause a monetary loss.

    SOLUTION: ACT Shield is a protection cover that not only saves you from illegal access but also gives you an added advantage of monetary savings. Depending on reliable software for safeguarding the personal data is the first step towards protection.

  • Ransomware:

    If an individual is being asked for money to access his digital data, then consider it to be a ransomware attack. It is a malicious program that seeks payment once it attacks your computer. If an individual denies paying, then chances are you will lose all your personal information. However, if you pay, still, it is not sure, you will be able to access the data.

    SOLUTION: ACT Shield is a protection program that saves your personal information without letting you pay for the same. And trust it, the amount it demands is not equivalent to what you can afford. But crucial and paramount information needs to be saved without going into the wrong hands.this software saves you the trouble of going through all of this.

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  • Phishing:

    Whether an individual is a businessman, employee, freelancer, or a student, receiving emails is normal. Around 294 billion emails are received and sent daily. Amongst these mails, individuals are attacked by cybercrimes as it is easier to attack them with this element of digital platforms available. The links added to these mails sound genuine which are mostly described as insurance, finance, and banking mails. To deceive the receiver, unsafe links are attached to the mail or malicious files are asked to download on the system to access the confidential information stored on it. This is known as Phishing - hooking the individual with something he cannot avoid to catch the information prey.

    SOLUTION: ACT Shield protects you against this cyber attack by notifying that an email might harm your computer. It always seeks your permission before downloading any malicious file. Therefore, if you are not being aware before making the decision, this software gives you the leverage of thinking twice and alerting you about the fraud.

  • Social Media Cyber Attacks:

    In this digital age, most people are available on social media. It gives them a chance to connect with their friends and family through the help of a digital thread. But, what if someone can access your photos, friend list, and your personal information and misuse these? often, various websites ask for access and register with them through Google or Facebook account. Therefore, one social media attack can cause a lot of harm.

    SOLUTION: ACT Shield does not let various websites save your password. It will notify you whenever someone tries to log into your account. It acts as an added advantage in identifying legal and illegal websites and notifying about the same.


Cybercrimes are not limited to companies anymore. Seeking data protection on an individual level has now become a necessity. And it is an individual’s responsibility to invest in appropriate software that can provide him 360-degree protection against cyber attacks.

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