All About Routers : Different types of router based on the interface and usage

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Different types of router based on the interface and usage

Routers are used both in home internet connections and in business internet infrastructure. Hence, knowing about the different types of routers and their applications can make it easier to understand what kind of router you need to choose. It is also useful when you are trying to configure the router to suit your network requirements.

A router is that device that helps you to create a fully customized wireless network and allow this network and the devices in it to access other networks or the internet. Both LAN and WAN applications can be established with the help of routers of various kinds.

What are the popular types of routers in networking?

Router types based on the interface

Routers are mainly classified into two types –

  • Wired routers
  • Wireless routers

The connection between a modem that brings the internet connectivity to a building and the router is often a wired connection. But it is the connection between the router and the other devices in the local area network that decides whether it is a wired router or wireless.

  1. Wired

    These are the oldest types of routers. Wired routers are connected to other networking devices or even computers, printers, and more, through cables.


    Wired routers are mainly preferred in enterprise setups for the reliability in data transmission speeds attainable in the local area network. Connection drops are also avoided with these routers.

  2. Wireless

    These are commonly called Wi-Fi routers. Wireless routers have external antennas that help in transmitting data in the form of radiofrequency waves. This could be in the 2.4GHz wireless channel or 5GHz channel. These routers allow multiple devices to be connected to the same router without the hassle of cords.

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    At home, these routers are useful for creating a smart home setup. In offices, common printers, fax machines, and other hardware can be connected to workstations through wireless connections. This reduces the need for having several printers and other redundant hardware and thus saves money and office space.

Router types based on their uses

Based on the actual function that a router does, the different types of routers are –

  • Edge router
  • Core router

These help in configuring the network and segregating the whole setup into multiple networks. Restricting access and authorization based connections become possible with the help of suitable router configuration.

  1. Edge routers

    These lie at the edge of the network. The edge router of one network communicates to the edge router of another network. These are therefore used to create a connection between two or more networks positioned far away from each other. Virtual office applications make use of this concept to create a wide area network for teams from different parts of the country to be able to share files and access data.

  2. Core routers

    Core routers lie at the crux of a network. They are used to control priorities for various devices and also restrict access. These connect all the wirelessly connected devices to the edge router in the network.

What are virtual routers?

Besides the above types of routers, virtual routers are also available. These are software routers created without the use of dedicated hardware. You would not find a physical box-like device in the network. Instead, a computer or a server is configured so as to handle the routing job. Edge and core router functions can all be tackled with the help of virtual router setups.

All the information you gain about the uses of Wi-Fi router will come in handy to make the most of this networking device at home or in your office.

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