Anticipated Internet Trends in 2021

Friday, Oct 08, 2021 · 15 mins


Internet Trends in 2021

Let's start with three (recurring) questions:

  • Do you agree that digital technologies are being adopted at an accelerated rate?
  • Does your organization have a strong foundation to utilize SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) to keep pace with the latest trends in technology that drive post-digital transformation?
  • Does your company have a digitally mature workforce that can respond to the constantly changing realities, and what are the latest digital trends it is using?

To master the current trends in technology of 2021, entrepreneurs need to ask themselves these three questions.

Modern technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that it enables faster change and progress. It is not just technology trends and top technologies that have evolved due to the outbreak of COVID-19, which caused IT professionals to realize that their role will not remain the same in the contactless world of the future.

Table of contents

  1. Anticipated Internet Trends in 2021

    1. The 5G revolution will benefit businesses in 2021
    2. Automated driving: Easy, safe, driverless
    3. Edge computing - Linking storage and computing
    4. Personal profiling - Enhancing adaptability to new technologies
    5. AI products - Making life easier
  2. FAQs

    1. How does the latest technology work?
    2. What does the technological trend mean?
    3. We rely on technology every day. How does it help us?

Anticipated internet trends in 2021

Take a look at some of the newest technology trends hand-picked by experts for a glimpse of the next big innovation.

The 5G revolution will benefit businesses in 2021

'5G' has been making headlines for almost half a decade now and has created a revolution of its own since its rollout. As the adoption of 5G comes to fruition, it could have a profound impact on businesses. According to many industry experts, 5G is the future of communication.

It is predicted that 5G will clock in at 20 GB/s, which will be a spectacular achievement. How fast are we talking now? Let's say that you download the contents of a 5 GB DVD at an average rate of 50 MB/s. The process will take roughly 13 minutes. It will take less than two seconds to transfer the same information over 5G. The distribution of the heterogeneous network will reduce the download time.

The 5G technology aims to accomplish some goals, including;

  • Mobile broadband with amplified bandwidth.
  • Connectivity enhanced by object-specific transformation.
  • The latest IoT technology trends give IoT enhancements an unlimited scope for development.
  • Flexible and supportive.

5G paves the way for major technological advancement where subsequent technologies can take advantage. Self-driving cars, VR, MR, smart cities, etc., are among the current trends in technology that strengthen the foundation for the future of technology.

Automated driving: Easy, safe, driverless

One thing that Tesla, Alphabet, and Waymo have in common is their goal, which is to create impeccable autonomous vehicles. In itself, the idea of a driverless car is exciting.

There is still time for legislators, regulators, and authorities to modify the laws relating to autonomous driving. Before embracing autonomous vehicles in current trends in information technology, large changes will be needed in law, regulations, and social attitudes.

Edge computing - Linking storage and computing

All industries today are concerned with the laggy approach that can sometimes affect their overall management. The industry has therefore focused more on the effectiveness and efficiency of computing, through which data analysis is conducted. This is where edge computing comes into play.

One of the current trends in technology is edge computing, which brings data storage and computation closer to businesses, improving response times and reducing bandwidth usage. Additionally, it is also one of the latest trends in technology since the industries are empowered with sophisticated and specialized resources, which will reduce the latency.

Edge computing increases security to a new level by addressing issues such as local compliance, privacy regulations, and data sovereignty. Even though some believe edge computing increases a company's vulnerability, it certainly negates its impact.

Personal profiling - Enhancing adaptability to new technologies

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The integration of digital into people's lives has become so deep that data analytics has more information than can be analyzed with current technology. Every business now prioritizes consumer analytics, and the latest tech trend is profiling customers based on how they interact with technology.

Analyzing gateways to profile user spending patterns requires solving questions such as:

  • What social media apps do they most frequently use?
  • What do they do to curate their social profiles?
  • Do they post pictures?
  • What are all the places they check on social media?

Businesses need to adapt to their employees' preferences for the latest technology by integrating the latest technology. One such example is Gillette, which has collaborated with the 3D printing startup Form labs to offer custom razor designs.

AI Products - Making life easier

Artificial intelligence, or AI, isn't a new term in the IT-sphere, but there are now further verticals within this technology that are continuing to shape industries worldwide. This eventually makes it a top trend in the field today.

Artificial Intelligence technology trends, such as the AlterEgo mind-reading wearable and Sophia the citizen robot, show us how big AI technology will be in the future. Deliveries by drones and robots are already being tested by companies such as Domino's Pizza and DoorDash.

Although these latest emerging technologies are still plagued with glitches that threaten human safety, based on their enormous potential, AI supplements will become one of 2021's most anticipated internet trends.


  1. How does the latest technology work?

    Below are a few of the technologies that are being used in the IT sector:

    1. Robotic Process Automation or RPA
    2. Edge Computing
    3. Dexterity of robots
  2. What does the technological trend mean?

    A technology trend can cover whatever technology is at hand at any given time since technology is a constant and evolving root term. Technology trends that will catch up in the future can also be attributed to the upcoming technologies.

  3. We rely on technology every day. How does it help us?

    The impact of technology on our daily lives has become widespread. We can control everything from the lights at home to calling. In the future, technology will become increasingly integrated into our lives.

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