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Who is the best internet service provider in Bangalore?

Completing those burdened assignments, those hectic extended Zoom calls with the boss or gossiping sessions with your besties-all of them require a Wi-Fi connection that’s good to go and does not disappoint your angry boss! Bangalore, as an IT powerhouse, is built on the concept of speed and on delivering even before transmitting. Yes, this is how quickly the work is completed in Bangalore. But don't worry, since ACT Fiber Net provides the finest high speed Internet connection in Bangalore.

Bangalore’s Demand for a Super-fast Internet Connection

What are the 2 things Bangalore is most famous for? Traffic and IT. Your bandwidth and internet connection is like traffic – the more you put through, the more congested it is.

Bangalore is currently experiencing a population explosion. With approximately 12 million people living in a single place, we know how many resources that city is going to be needing. This is due to the immigration of people from various parts of India coming in the hope to settle and work for the IT Industry hub in Bangalore.

High speed internet connection in Bangalore is very much in demand because it stands proudly as the IT capital of India. All those long coding sessions, high data accessing and holding companies need to rely on something that does not disappoint them. And that is where ACT swoops in! As more metros are built, more startups are established and population increases, ACT keeps expanding with you and gives you high speed Internet plans in Bangalore.

Services to understand why ACT outshines other broadband companies -

  • We have plans and technology that solve the needs of your residential requirements as well as for business requirements.
  • For residential plans, we offer you the fastest Fiber net through fiber optic technology and digital TV with top-notch service and quality, DVD quality picture & sound and uninterrupted crystal-clear viewing, unaffected by any weather condition.
  • For your business needs, we provide Corporate Broadband and Internet Leased Lines. Corporate Broadband provides you with high-speed broadband, bundled static IP, Widespread reach and Huge FUP. On the other hand, switching to Internet Leased line with the ACT Enterprise is advantageous for providing dedicated bandwidth, uncongested core, multi-path redundancy and end-to-end SLA.

Why choose ACT?

Below we list several advantages of our high speed Internet plans in Bangalore-

  1. Self Healing network -

    It can automatically reboot a network-powered device if that device doesn’t respond to a network ping request. We can also shut down a network-powered device on a schedule. Imagine a store owner wants to turn off their guest Wi-Fi at night and over weekends… the network can do that for him automatically.

  2. Low Load time -

    A page load time is the average amount of time it takes for a page to show up on your screen. It's calculated from initiation to completion. Now everyone would want that to be minimum, right?

  3. Managed business continuity -

    For identifying an organization’s risk of exposure to internal and external threats, ACT is here to handle.

  4. Secure Internet -

    Protecting you from antivirus, giving you browsing and banking protection and implying family boundaries to give you the best security.

  5. Scalable Bandwidth -

    On Demand - By having the option to flex bandwidth as needed, you’re not paying for bandwidth you never use. You’re also not getting charged or throttled for bandwidth that you suddenly needed, but weren’t prepared for.

    Looking for an internet plans that
    offer 24x7 assured speeds?

    Connect now to get the best of broadband plans and get additional offers on:

  6. Direct Access -

    Also known as Unified Remote Access, it is a VPN-like technology that provides intranet connectivity to client computers when they are connected to the Internet.

  7. Customised Network Routing -

    For good scalability, you need a good design. This includes routing table sizes, convergence times, and failure detection, something that the engineers at ACT understand catering to.

  8. 24x7 NOC Support -

    Monitoring and remediation of the various network aspects for you is available 24x7 for our customers.

Our plans come in various speeds and prices to fit the needs of each individual we serve.

Broadband plans in Bangalore, starting from Rs 710 for 50 Mbps speed, 500 GB data to Rs 6000 for 1000 Mbps speed, 5500 GB data, we have packages for all.

Check it out yourself -

Business plans in Bangalore provide you with 500 Mbps speed, 2.8 TB data limit monthly to 1 Gbps speed, 10 TB data limit monthly.

Check it out yourself -

We don't stop here! We thrive to achieve and provide our customers with more and better each day, and thus presenting to you the Add-on Offers facility. It includes a gaming booster pack, streaming platforms like Netflix, Zee 5, Hungama, Sony LIV etc and fitness platforms such as Everyone wants the best Internet Security, whether it’s for their house or business, because of which we have an add-on Internet Security Act Shield that completely secures your digital life. You can add the number of devices and subscribe instantly.

ACT, as an organization, believes in bringing back to our community by recognizing and acknowledging various student and professional talents. We have constructed a Campus Connect Program with a customised learning experience designed for Fresh Graduates and Postgraduates. Our focus areas are corporate social, distribution drive, empowering children digitally, enhancing vaccine access, hands for humanity, hotspots for heritage, mission education and many more.

Treating our customers with the best customer support services will always be our first priority. Choose ACT, Choose speed.

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