Best Internet Service for Serious Gamers

Friday, Jun 05, 2020 · 5 mins


Best Internet Speed for Gaming and Streaming

The world has become fast-paced and everything now depends heavily on technology. Therefore, technological resources have been forced to get better, faster, and smarter to avoid disruptive and slow internet speed. A slow or inconsistent internet connection can not only affect your work but also your gaming and other entertainment needs. Therefore, fiber-optic networks have come into the market to give its customers the best broadband for gaming and offer the best internet speed for gaming.

When it comes to WiFi or broadband connection, there are many internet services that offer the best high speed internet for gaming. Since gaming requirements are highly variable compared to other internet-dependent hobbies, the latency must be low so as to offer people a great gaming experience. But the best broadband speed for gaming, such as that provided by ACT Fibernet, can not only offer you astonishing speed but also consistency and security no matter how many devices may be eating up the bandwidth.

How a service provider like ACT Fibernet can completely revolutionize your gaming experience

Flawless Gaming Requires Best Ping Rates and Lowest Latency

Latency is the time taken for the data to reach its destination all across the network whereas ping is the signal sent from a computer to the other on the very same network. If you are a serious gamer you must be envisioning the best broadband provider for gaming with the latency of a single digit. Even the best gaming ISPs give out advertisements of data plans without even a single mention of ping or latency. But you will not need to run any gaming internet speed test if you switch to ACT Fibernet since it ensures low latency for smooth and flawless gaming sessions at home.

Streaming Seamlessly with Lightning Fast Speed

One of the most major requirements you will have of your network as a serious gamer is high streaming, download, and upload speed. An efficient network will offer you high streaming speeds that remain consistent throughout the gameplay and streaming. ACT Fibernet, with its fiber-optic connection, ensures that you have access to the best internet speed for gaming and streaming. Forget latency problems, loss of signal, and bandwidth issues. With plans that go up to 1 Gbps speeds, ACT Fibernet has your gaming needs more than covered.

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Consistent Speed for Lag-Free Gaming

Fiber optic networks have been in use since its emergence in the market as it can immensely help in increasing the upload and download speeds. The internet speed for gaming needs to be flawless and consistent because even half a second lag can mean getting decapitated by the final boss. Therefore, switching to a fiber-optic network could prove to not only be cost-effective but also save you from the embarrassment of your team losing just because of your bad connection. A fiber-optic network does not become unstable or fluctuate even during weather extremities or in the presence of other WiFi devices even in densely populated places.

Connecting Multiple Devices On The Go

In case you aren’t being able to connect to your PS4, laptop, and other devices without losing out on speed, you could change your connection to a fiber-optic network that provides its users with the advantage of supporting multiple devices at the same time, which is especially important in bigger households with connections that host several users.

Smartly Choosing Data Packages

Serious and passionate gamers would usually want unlimited data for their gaming sessions. But since that is not possible or even feasible for everyone, monitoring usage of data can help you choose a suitable data package. Not only can you choose from a variety of data plans but also opt for ones whose speeds go as high as 1gbps plans, allowing for a magnificent gaming experience.


When it comes to serious gamers, speed and consistency become extremely important. ACT Fibernet, with its secure, consistent, low latency fiber optic connection can provide all of these services that they need in order to get the best gaming experience of their lives. With plans whose speed limits go as high as 1 Gbps, ACT Fibernet offers one of the best internet speed for gaming across 18 different cities in India.

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