Here’s how to get the best broadband you want at your newly built home

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020 · 10 mins


broadband connection for home

Building a new home involves meticulous planning and execution of various tasks. While setting up the utilities like electricity and water supply, getting the broadband setup up and running is another crucial task.

Why do you need a broadband setup at home?

  • Mobile data packs would be enough to browse the internet on small mobile devices. However, to stream content on smart TVs and to handle other large volume data requirements, you need a reliable broadband setup.
  • With a broadband setup at home, you can create a wireless network with the help of a router. This lets you simultaneously connectmultiple devices to the internet.
  • Video calls while working from home, online classes, and other tasks that require consistent browsing capabilities, can be taken care of with a dependable home broadband.

As most of these applications are required from day one, you should make prior plans for setting up a broadband connection for your newly built home. Here are the simple steps that can help you do that-

  1. Ask for shifting your existing connection

    If you have already subscribed for a broadband plan, then you can conveniently shift thatexisting connection to your new home. Shifting requests are easy to handle and takes little time. From the existing broadband plans to the pending data limit in your pack, everything is preserved when you shift your connection.

  2. Make sure that your house is not in a broadband blackspot

    Shifting requests and new connection requests can be taken care of in almost all the areas except a few black spots. These would be areas with unsolvable infrastructure issues that make installation of fiber lines for broadband impossible.In most of the cities and towns, it is unlikely that you will face such challenges.

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  3. Check existing lines nearby

    If your newly built house is in an established residential area, chances are the broadband lines are already there. All you need to do is extend that line to your building.Depending on the distance of your house from the closet running line, thetime taken to complete the underground cabling will differ. Talk to your service provider a few days in advance so that you have your broadband lines ready before you move in.

  4. Compare the plans and pick what works for you

    Once you have narrowed down the timelines for getting the broadband connection, you can compare the plans and pick the most suitable subscription. The data limit, network speeds, and other parameters may vary depending upon the plan. You can then pick a monthly or annual plan to make use of other special offers you might get.

  5. Plan ahead for the wiring and installation

    Pick an ideal position for router placement. With provision for wiring and hardware installation ready, getting the broadband setup up andrunning won’t take much time.

With these simple steps, you can acquire a new connection for broadband setup at home. Most of the process can be completed online, and after the verification of your documents, your broadband setup request would be processed. Activating the connection after the hardware is setup takes only a short time.

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