Broadband Plans That Will Help With Your Work From Home Needs

Friday, Aug 14, 2020 · 10 mins


Best Broadband Connection For Home

As coronavirus has enforced seemingly indefinite lockdown, people are left with no choice but to work from home. And rightly so as staying home seems to be the only mantra for staying safe for now.

In this testing time where remote working has become the way to go, having a high-speed internet connection is like a boon. With speedy and stable internet access, managing large files remains a hassle-free experience. Not just that, it also ensures your binge-watching never hits a bumpy ride.

If you are on the lookout for a reliable broadband plan or hunting for the best broadband service providers in Bengaluru, we have got you fully covered with both premium and highly affordable packs. That said, let’s take a look at the top broadband plans from ACT!

Exciting plans to cater to different needs - Home and Business

Sinceone size doesn't fit all, we have come up with various plans tailor-made for home and business. Out of a ton of offerings, there are three notable picks: Act Storm, Act Incredible, and ACT GIGA.

ACT Storm provides 650GB monthly data, delivering a fairly good internet speed at 150 Mbps (post FUP speed: 1 Mbps). Priced at ₹1185, it is an affordable plan designed for those looking for reliable broadband connection at a relatively low price point.

Sticky Note:

  • If you want an even more affordable plan, Act Swift could be worth checking out. It comes with 200GB data and delivers a decent 40 Mbps Internet (post FUP speed - 512 Kbps).

ACT Incredible is a mid-budget broadband plan that comes with 1000GB monthly data. Priced at ₹1999, it delivers 250 Mbps internet speed (post FUP speed: 2 Mbps). It is aimed at those willing to have a high-speed broadband plan while still keeping the budget in check.

ACT GIGA is a robust broadband plan that boasts 1000 Mbps internet speed (post FUP speed: 5 Mbps). It comes with a whopping 3500GB monthly data and is priced at ₹5999. It is targeted for the users who want to have top-of-the-line internet speed with the bandwidth-rich connection.

Best Internet Plans

It is worth noting that if you get the broadband plan for six or 12 months, we offer huge discounts. For instance, if you choose the ACT GIGA for six months, the monthly price will come down to just ₹3999.

Even better, if you choose the 6-month plan, you will get one month free. And with the 12-month plan, you will get extra two months for free. Long story short, the longer the plan, the more you save.

Looking for an internet plans that
offer 24x7 assured speeds?

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Special add-on for Netflix binge-watching

In a situation like the ongoing lockdown where social-distancing is a must, video-streaming has turned out to be a savior. Whether you wish to keep boredom at bay by streaming your favorite Netflix shows/movies or are searching for a pack that can allow you to amp up your streaming experience, we have introduced a special plan to light up your showtime. And that too without stretching your budget!

Internet for Streaming

We offer an extra 1500GB with each plan (except ACT Swift) so that you can stream Netflix videos to your heart’s liking - without having to bother about the consumption of your monthly plan. Do note that the extra GB is valid for the duration of the subscription period.

Exclusive plans to bolster your online learning and gaming

High-octane games like PUBG and Fortnite require a strong internet connection to deliver action-packed multi-player gaming experience. When you are surrounded by rivals in a nerve-wracking deathmatch or amid fast-paced racing game, what matters more is speed. And this is where a fast and stable internet connection comes into play.

Home Broadband Plans

Keeping this essential aspect in mind, we also offer gaming booster packs specifically aimed at gaming aficionados. Pick them up to turbocharge your gaming fantasy sooner than later.

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