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Monday, Jun 22, 2020 · 5 mins


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Over time, technology has promised us the mobility required to maintain a benevolent work structure. This has also been the attitude towards work where mobility and remote accuracy is leading some of the biggest enterprises.The growing popularity of coworking hubs has been booming since then. With the increasing number of self-employed workers, cutting-edge technology, and increased use of public spaces for work, the multi-tenant flavor has also hit the cafe culture.

How does the Internet play a massive role in creating a co-working hub?

There have been studies conducted, illustrating the importance of having high-speed wireless internet connectivity in public spaces. But what makes up for the perfect Guest WiFi Solutions?

Here are some key ways to re-calibrate your cafe to make it a popular choice amongst your customer(s) - cultivating healthy internet hygiene for you to convert your regular business into a co-working hub.

  • Speed Matters

    One of the biggest driving factors that help a cafe turn into a co-working space is its internet. An all-around-the-clock internet is how you can keep your customers engaged. It can also be one of the primary selling points.

    And, who doesn't like uninterrupted streaming and identical upload/download speed?

  • Better Hardware

    Although any standard broadband speed keeps increasing, the network is often not stable. Before you choose a connection, test your router output. If it fails to meet the higher speed threshold, then switch to a better one.

    But if your cafe needs to rely on a better internet connection, then it needs to focus on steady high-speed fiber connections. They are scalable, offer 100% uptime, and are devoid of any contentions.

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  • Bang for buck

    If you are aiming for a cafe with fast wifi, your router needs to be optimized such that you can squeeze optimum use. Most of the wireless routers run on a 2.4 GHz range but the problem crops up when there is another router using the same channel. That may lead to bandwidth loss.

    The ideal solution is to have an ISP provide you the necessary tools to help you project your signal optimally - a dual-band router, for instance, can easily handle 25% more traffic.

  • Security

    Now, high-speed internet connectivity won't just be enough. Your guests need to feel safe and secure - otherwise, they will avoid your cafe like the plague. If you want your cafe to maintain customer frequency, helping you run it as a co-working space, then take the necessary steps to secure your network.

    Weed out the fake networks and keep your password protected. But once your password is out, it will be spread amongst non-customers too. However, non-customer engagement is also important since your network will land them on your customized business page which can act as a necessary evil.

  • Reliability is the ebb and flow

    A fast and reliable wifi guest network can play along very well with work, especially if space is aiming to become a coworking one. A lot of cafes make the mistake of subscribing to generic or common broadband plans which leaves a disruptive distribution of data pockets leaving them vulnerable to outages.

    A minor inconvenience can turn out to be irritable for many customers. Ideally, you'd want to collaborate with an ISP that does regular "health checks" for their connection. So, when there is any service failure, they can re-route the traffic immediately providing 100% uptime. This transparent failover functionality can potentially eliminate internet connectivity interruptions, leaving the business guest wifi up and running.

Scaling your business

For your cafe to be a functional coworking space, it needs to add value and features with services that are unique to your brand. This can further be accelerated via your marketing campaigns amongst your target audience. So, for your guest wifi to run smoothly without any interruption, make an informed choice and consider ACT Enterprise, which will collaborate on helping your business scale greater success.

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