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DIY or Do-it-yourself is a pretty straightforward-sounding concept. In recent times, though it has come to denote a philosophy of living. Traditionally, DIY has been mostly linked to "How-To" content, which included queries like "How to change a tyre" or "How to paint a wall" etc. Today, the slogan DIY is used to describe any activity which involves an element of creativity to make or design something independently. DIY is about building aversion to doing things the easy way and bringing innovation to your daily routine. In the process, you get to learn a new skill and save or make a considerable amount of money.

Do-it-yourself is for people of all ages who are intent on learning and mastery of skills. The very term "making" or the act of being a "DIYer" is rapidly changing and is touching more people than it did ever before. In this regard, this transformation is for all good!

DIY Online - The Role Of Internet

Earlier, learning how to build a table would demand you hitting the library, reading a book and making detailed notes on its process. Now it's as simple as streaming a short tutorial on YouTube with a reliable high-speed internet connection.

Over time, high-speed internet, technological advancements, and the overabundance of free knowledge floating on the internet have influenced people to adopt hands-on projects. DIYers rely heavily on the Internet for tips, tricks and inspiration to learn and create. Now you can find a DIY tutorial on just about anything. So, even if you don"t have the skills or knowledge, these free online tutorials allow you to learn by yourself.

The advantage of uninterrupted online connectivity has significantly promoted the growth of the DIY ethic.

With Internet, DIY Possibilities Are Going Endless

The most exciting phenomenon of DIY is the wish to share your unique creations with the world. Millions of people are creating and sharing at an unprecedented rate. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and even Twitter are filled with DIY content.

Popular websites like Wikipedia encourage direct participation by allowing users to submit and share their knowledge on various subject matter. Instructables and YouTube have oodles of user-submitted tutorials which include arduous things like cutting hair to technical ones like coding for websites.

DIYers are forming communities and more people are becoming influenced to be "makers". Etsy a popular e-commerce website that focuses on handmade/vintage items has over one million artisan sellers featuring their creations on the site. Similarly, Kickstarter and Quirky are platforms that exist to help bring creative projects to life.

Millions of people attend the Maker Faire - the world's largest celebration event of invention, creativity, and hands-on learning. The massive crowd of DIYers gathering every single year is a testament to the growth of the DIY Culture.

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DIY Tasks That Were Impossible To Imagine

Explicably, the "DIY" label gets linked to a lot of projects - everything from fixing a crack in a wall to making your own bath soap or even slime for kids. In fact, DIY goes beyond these smaller projects. There are actually DIY projects which we never thought were possible. Today we can:

  • Install, uninstall, and fix electronic devices
  • Custom-make jewelry
  • Construct houses
  • Approaching cooking from gourmet sensibilities
  • Being a social entrepreneur
  • Learning almost extinct languages
  • How to recycle and reuse materials
  • Do highly technical stuff like Web Design and Automation
  • Perform pest control
  • Build simple automated machinery

With the internet as the chariot, DIY culture is being embraced like never before, no wonder people are chasing all limits with DIY.

Getting Started With DIY e-Learning

There are lots of online help available to benefit DIY"ers out there. If you are looking forward to learn DIY online there is an impressive stream of DIY courses to sink your teeth into. Whether you are just a beginner or an expert crafter, be sure this list can help you with almost any project.

  • Instructables

    - made by DIYers, for DIYers, most of the content here features clear instructions, with lots of pictures, along with material lists and detailed parts.
  • WikiHow App

    - This app makes nearly 180,000 detailed guides available at your fingertips. Most of its content features step-by-step instructions, illustrations, photos and videos which make learning how to do anything easy!
  • DIY Network

    - Bursting with videos, how-to guides and a blog, this website covers over 30 categories of How-Tos.

    - This website not only stores hundreds of how-to guides and blogs, but also gives users an opportunity to submit their personal projects to the website.
  • Apartment Therapy

    - DIY how-tos, shopping guides and expert advice for creating a beautiful home.
  • Mother Earth News

    - Find lots of tips and advice on sustainable living. From growing and preserving food to baking bread with solar this site offers really interesting ideas.
  • DIY Creators

    - Their YouTube channel hosts several videos on home décor, furniture, woodworking, concrete and product reviews.
  • DIYZ App

    - Along with impressive how-to guides this app offers live video chats with experts which can get all your queries answered.

Whatever your DIY goals, you'll possibly need supplies - and lots of them; Itsybitsy, Craftscorner, cCraftslane, Hndmd, RhydoLabz, SparkPCB, SUNROM, EVELTA, Thingbits, DIY-India, Robokits India, and of course, are few popular ones to start your shopping.

DIY is Believing Your Self

Work hard to build or simply spend and get it! The reason why people choose the latter option is that they think they can"t do it! DIY is about believing yourself. For generations we"ve been deprived of creative skills as children - DIY is your chance to make up for it. It's an opportunity to learn, gain knowledge and add new skills to your arsenal. All you really need is a device to connect to the internet and a high-speed internet connection!

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