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Broadband Services From ACT Fibernet

ACT (Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd.) was founded to become the most respected in-home entertainment, education, and interactive services business globally, bringing about dramatic societal change while delighting and empowering consumers.

ACT is now, more than ever, on the verge of realising its dreams and amongst the best broadband services. Their headquarters are in Bangalore, and they serve a variety of cities and towns across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi from there. They are one of the most well-known cable and internet companies in the nation, providing cutting-edge services to over 2 million satisfied customers. To find the best and most suited ACT broadband service near me, kindly contact the service centre. Fibernet is a network that uses fibre optics to transmit data (Internet over Fiber Optics).

Their Vision and Missions

The most respected provider of interactive services, such as in-home entertainment, education, and interactive services, contributes to dramatic societal change while delighting and empowering consumers.

  • Employ cutting-edge technology to constantly develop to meet the requirements of customers in an easy-to-use manner.
  • Collaborate with technology, content, and distribution companies to accelerate time to market, increase scalability, and establish leadership.
  • Establish new standards for customer service.
  • Create new standards in operational excellence that will result in increased profitability and more attractive stakeholder returns for all stakeholders.
  • Create a thriving and satisfying work environment for a motivated and empowered team of individuals.
  1. A burning desire for perfection

    They go above their responsibilities, and they put out unwavering enthusiasm in all they do.

  2. Make an effort to be innovative continually.

    Their organisational culture encourages creativity. They are always on the lookout for innovative ideas and solutions.

  3. Be a business that is socially and ecologically responsible.

    They fight against unethical corporate practices, do all they can to protect the environment, and work to enhance the community in which they live.

  4. Transparency helps to establish confidence.

    ACT's goods and services are presented openly and honestly to the consumers and help them find the best ACT Broadband Services In My Area.

  5. Put the needs of the client first.

    At ACT, the client is the primary focus of the organisation highly. They put a strong emphasis on exceeding the clients' expectations.

  6. Creating a culture of collaboration is essential.

    People are treated fairly and equally by them. They urge the workers to speak honestly and freely with one another.

Benefits of ACT Fibernet

The following are the reasons why ACT Fibernet stands apart from the competition-

  1. Plans with high download and upload speeds

    The internet service provider (ISP) offers to download and upload speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

  2. Fibre optic technology

    The Internet service provider (ISP) offers broadband connectivity through fibre optic cables, the most reliable form of broadband. In addition to being very fast and symmetrical (meaning that both download and upload speeds are the same), fibre-net is also extremely dependable and stable (not to mention highly secure).

  3. Proactive customer service

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    The Internet service provider is constantly introducing new and exciting features. They are also very attentive to client questions and problems, ensuring that they are addressed as soon as possible.

  4. Value-added services

    For gamers and streaming platform junkies, the ISP provides some exciting add-ons to its packages. Thus, Netflix, Hungama, and SonyLiv are available at a reduced price to customers. Gamers may test out the Booster Packs, which provide them with increased speeds and data transfer rates.

  5. Adding additional devices to the mix

    Because the BYOD culture is embedded in the current workplace culture, your workers are likely to bring many mobile devices to work. A steady workflow requires more bandwidth as the number of devices increases, and fibre optic internet connection can handle numerous mobile devices, improving the likelihood of improved collaboration and work mobility.

How to Set Up a New Broadband Connection in the ACT?

You may establish a connection to ACT broadband by following the simple procedures outlined below.

  • Install the ACT Fibernet app or go to to learn more about getting a new broadband connection.
  • You may choose between two kinds of connections: home broadband and office broadband (or a combination of both).
  • Fill out the form with your personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number, and geographic area, among other things.
  • Select the plan that best suits your needs.
  • Select the leasing period and offer to which you want to commit to renting.
  • Make a payment and then mail your order to the address provided. You should continue to submit your data to finish the transaction digitally.

How to verify the plan information for an existing ACT Fibernet connection?

All of your account information is readily accessible and simple to access. By utilising the ACT Fibernet app, you can track your package details and your use history.

  • Installing the ACT Fibernet client on your PC is a simple process.
  • From the drop-down option, choose 'My Account' to continue.
  • Select the 'View Broadband Plan' option from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • You may also make use of the ACT Fibernet program to make changes to your agreement.


Internet connectivity via fibre provides you with significant capacity and speed improvements, opening you to many opportunities for development for your company. When it comes to anything from Internet of Things-driven ecosystems to a flexible workflow structure, Fiber Optics may be the missing piece in your equation for success. Contact ACT Enterprise today only for the finest business fibre broadband service provider in town for your company's needs.

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