Everything you need to know about ACT Shield

Tuesday, Aug 04, 2020 · 10 mins


Protection Against Malware

ACT Shield is an unaltered layer of protection against malware, network attacks, phishing, ransomware, spyware, rootkits, viruses, and adware. The use of the ACT Shield program lies in the fact - the average time to identify a breach in 2019 was 206 days and prevention is always better than cure, especially, when it involves sensitive financial and personal information disclosure.

Here is everything you need to know about ACT Shield - What makes it unique, why you need it, and what are its salient features?

  1. Banking Transaction Security:

    Almost everyone does their financial activity on mobile or laptops nowadays. Want to pay your bills? Go to any E-payment assistance app, punch in your financial information, and in minutes the payment is done. Online shopping is your addiction? Search the appropriate app, find something worth buying, and pay. Online payment eases our workload, however, what if this data can be easily stolen or misused by someone?

    Well, to save you from such a loss, ACT Shield provides a 360-degree protection layer for banking transactions. It does not expose your confidential information like passwords to unknown users.

  2. Multi-Dimensional Protection:

    ACT Shield program adds the leverage of protection against internet breach on multi-device and multi-operating system. So, you need not worry about its all-rounder performance. We know the pain of buying various security for different devices. However, with Shield, you get protection on

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  3. Virus Protection:

    The basic job of any data security software is to protect the system and network against a virus. ACT Shield not only protects the system against viruses but also indicates if there is a file on the system that might be a threat to it. It has an additional advantage of scanning files automatically for any ransomware, trojan, virus, malware, etc. To save your system from these, it is important that first, it indicates a threat via any notification. Remember, you cannot protect your system against something that you do not exits.

  4. Privacy Shield:

    Securing personal information from any kind of breach is of paramount importance. While surfing the internet, we tend to provide our personal information unknowingly to most websites. Unfortunately, this opens up the window for breaches. ACT Shield provides us with various tools against cookies and builds a protection wall against any kind of data breach.

  5. Protection Anywhere and Everywhere:

    With ACT Shield, you need not worry about protecting your device from a remote location. This security software has a feature named “FINDER” that helps the user protect the data on his system from anywhere. With this feature, you can easily trace the location of any device. Also, if your device ever gets misplaced, thanks to ACT Shield; it will alert you with an alarm. Not only this, if your phone ever gets lost you can easily restore the factory settings or lock your sensitive information by using this software.

    A data breach is not limited to companies and individuals. Once the dark web plays its role, imagine what all information apart from personal is at stake. The internet receives new users every second with brand new information. If this risk of being exposed to wrong parties does not end, we as humans will experience a fatal economy worldwide.

The Final Take Away:

ACT Shield propagates the aforementioned challenges to protect its clients on both, an individual and corporate level. Hence, ACT Shield is can be considered a partner that protects your data from cyberattacks with the utmost rigor. Moreover, being in association with F-secure elevates ACT Shield’s gateway protection capabilities. To explore more, click here for checking out the list of plans offered by ACT Shield today.

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