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We at ACT Fibernet always strive to give our customers the best service and user experience; thus, the introduction of 1 Gbps plans in Hyderabad. The city was BITten by the most Incredible of all - 1 Gbps speeds, when ACT Fibernet launched its Giga services in Mar ’17. As we complete one-year anniversary of the launch of ACT Giga, let us walk you through the benefits of this plan.

Love Binging? We’ve Got Your Back!

With our 1 Gbps broadband plan, you will never have to wait for your favourite TV series to load and won’t have to suffer untimely buffering. Binge watching any sitcom or series will become a breeze. Not only this, even when there are multiple users simultaneously streaming HD videos on your internet connection, your speed will not get hampered. In addition, we offer all our customers a discount on subscription rate of Hungama, Yupp TV, ALTBalaji HOOQ and more.

Buffering is a Thing of the Past

We at ACT Fibernet, want you to have a smooth experience when playing online games, enjoying a rom-com on Netflix or watching the season finale of a thriller. Now imagine, you are about to know who the murderer is and the throbber (the scary buffering circle) decides to pay you a visit? Neither you want it, nor do we, thus the 1 Gbps plan that keeps the throbber away and continues offering flawless speed. With this amazing internet plan, there will never be a dull moment in your life.

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Sharing Is Caring

With our 1 Gbps plan, you are going to miss all those fights with your friends about pausing their download when you need to download an important file or maybe a heavy software update. Why? Because that won’t happen anymore. Everyone in your family will easily be able to share the internet connection without suffering from low internet speed and buffering. Yes, we have given sharing is caring a new meaning with our 1 Gbps internet plan.

Compromise? Is That Even a Word?

High-speed internet with equal upload and download speed will make your life even easier, and you will never have to compromise with speed. For example, if you are an active vlogger and need to update at least one HD video on your channel in a week, our 1 Gbps plan will let you upload heavy video files in a jiffy. You will never have to wait for the 30-40 minutes for the video to upload. The job will be done in seconds.

Can’t Stay Away from Your Loved Ones?

Screen freezing is the biggest nightmare for anyone who regularly keeps in touch with their loved ones through video calls. And what’s the fun when you constantly have to redial due to poor connectivity? With our 1 Gbps plan, you will be able to enjoy smooth conversations with superior video and sound quality, that too without any interruptions. This plan will take real-time communication to a whole new level. That’s for sure!

For more information on the 1 Gbps plan in Hyderabad, give us a call on 040-66272727 or check out our plans here.

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