Fiber Optic Broadband Plans in Delhi for Binge Watching Your Favorite Sitcom

Tuesday, Jun 26, 2018 · 2 mins



Getting a broadband connection for your house can be quite a frustrating process. Earlier, selecting an Internet plan used to be a simple task of comparing speeds and prices. But nowadays, the quick-changing tech marketplace has introduced many other factors that you need to be aware of before you sign up for a particular broadband plan.

Consumers increasingly prefer to watch TV shows on devices such as laptops, desktops tablets and smartphones. Online video streaming services are responsible for a huge decline in TV viewership as they allow the viewers to watch anything they want at their own ease. They no longer have to wait for a week to watch a 45-minute long episode, with almost 20 minutes of commercials, because now all the seasons and episodes are just a click away. However, high-definition video streaming via services like Netflix eats up your monthly data heavily.

Here are a few factors you should consider before you choose a broadband plan for binge-watching your favourite sitcoms:

  1. Internet Speed

    To have a smooth standard definition video, it's typically suggested to get a connection that is higher than 15 Mb/s. For HD, 3D, or 4K, that speed is much . This also varies depending on the service you are using to watch the videos. Streaming services like Netflix automatically adjust the quality of video to its assessment of your internet speed. If Netflix determines that you have a slow, it will stop streaming high definition quality video for you, even if the movie or TV show is accessible in HD. As a result, you don't experience buffering or interruptions in the video; however, the picture quality does suffer. The solution is a optic broadband connection that offers speeds of 150 Mbps through which you can stream your favourite sitcoms in 4K.

  2. Value Added Services

    These days many top optic broadband plans offer a subscription to various video streaming services. We at ACT Fibernet, offer customers a complimentary subscription to video streaming services like HOOQ, Hungama, YuppTV, and ALTBalaji.

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  3. Pricing

    No individual likes to spend their hard-earned money on a service which does not satisfy their requirements. Therefore, it becomes crucial to compare the prices of different internet service providers and consider the facilities provided for the given cost. We at ACT Fibernet, understand the need of our customers and offer various plans ranging from ACT Basic, costing Rs. 749 to ACT Phenomenal, costing Rs. 4999. We have many options fiber optic broadband plans which can cater to all your needs.

While our high-speed broadband plans are the next-generation solution to all internet requirements, it is best to know everything about your preferred broadband plan in advance. In some cases, consumers tend to choose unlimited internet plans, which may not necessarily fulfil their requirements if the only motive is to view social media updates and check emails. Therefore, it is crucial to consider your usage habits and then choose from the various categories we offer. If you use the Internet to binge-watch shows or download content in bulk, the important factor you need to consider is the speed of the  broadband plan.

It's wise to go through the many options available across diverse price categories and choose the best Internet plan that is within your budget. Being locked into a broadband plan that's too small or too big for your Internet needs is no fun.

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