Five Things That May Slow Down Your Broadband and WiFi

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 · 5 mins


Tips to Increase Internet Speed

Everyone wants to enjoy the fastest internet speed available. But sometimes your broadband internet is just too slow to derive any entertainment value from it. Midway through the climax of your favorite show that you’re streaming, or on the final level of a multiplayer game, you realize your broadband service has let you down. The good news, many factors slowing your internet are within your control. Below is a list of tips and suggestions if you are experiencing below-average broadband performance.

  1. Too Many Devices!

    One of the primary reasons for broadband internet slowing-down is because of the volume of devices connected to it at a given point in time. In a household, it is not uncommon for 4+ mobile devices, laptops, and smart TVs to use the same broadband network. All these activities consume the net speed provided by the broadband service leading to a decline in the internet speed. Make sure to plan your family’s internet usage to get the best experience!

  2. Router in the Wrong Place.

    To be able to access the fastest internet speed, the router must be at a central location for least interference. If the router is placed at a long distance from the device that tracks the Wi-Fi signal, chances are that the signal range and penetration is too weak to detect and make use of. To increase internet speed, ensure there are fewer physical obstacles and that the router is placed at an optimal distance.

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  3. Too Many Users and Downloads

    Heavy volume of internet usage by a multitude of users can cause congestion in the broadband capacity. Network traffic can peak or plateau based on the time of the day or a multitude of other factors. As a result bulky downloads done by multiple users can lead to congestion in the broadband system while slowing down the broadband speed overall. Hidden downloads, especially through streaming websites and video games, may also cause a decline in the net speed.

  4. Viruses and Malware

    While viruses and malware may not directly impact the broadband speeds, they can mess with the hardware and software components of your device, thereby not allowing a smooth internet experience. For this reason, it is essential to have an anti-virus software and ensure it is up-to-date.

  5. Faulty & Old Wiring

    Frayed, loose, or damaged wiring is one of the leading causes of slow broadband speeds. Connecting the broadband router to the master socket can be beneficial and allow for better internet speeds. It is also necessary that the wiring is regularly repaired and checked to maintain healthy broadband speeds.


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