How ACT Helped a Wedding Photography Team Get Through COVID Times

Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021 · 5 mins


How ACT Helped a Wedding Photography Team Get Through COVID Times

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a new era of change especially for businesses, the outbreak of which led to many businesses shutting down, leading to economic loss.

To help other businesses sustain and work remotely, we decided to help the creative community increase their productivity by providing a reliable and superfast internet connection.

Among the various businesses, weddings and wedding photography were impacted a lot due to dependence on travel and large crowds. One such wedding photography studio is 1Plus1 studio.

An average Indian wedding album has over 600 pictures and the videos can be over 2 hours long. This accounts to 2.4 GB of high-resolution wedding pictures and over 10 GB of video files per wedding. “We had a backlog of wedding photographs and videos to be delivered and to be able to deliver those efficiently, we required a reliable internet connection and ACT Fibernet gave us the opportunity to deliver wedding pictures of more than 100 GB to our clients,” said one of the team members of the studio.

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Here's what Manvi has to say about ACT Fibernet.

The studio’s entire team had to work-from-home to upload, download and share hundreds of GB within the team as well as with the client. "With a reliable and superfast connection, our entire team could work remotely and deliver all the projects on time," shared the 1Plus1 studio team. They added, "Other than the routine work, we could also explore new formats and editing style for our videos because of equal upload and download speeds. These files were then published on social platforms to gauge customer reaction. We could also download old photos, videos and files from cloud services like Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zenfolio, and more to refresh our website and Instagram page."

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