How can Slow Internet Connection Kill Your Business?

Tuesday, Apr 06, 2021 · 10 mins


How can Slow Internet Connection Kill Your Business?

Since there are so many choices, choosing an internet provider can be a difficult task for the modern individual. Not only that, but there are several variables to remember. Many of these are for personal use, but what about company broadband service? Although it may seem that there are additional steps, the majority of them are quite similar.

Bad WiFi will destroy your small business, whether it's because of an unreliable wireless provider or because of net neutrality. Here are some of the detrimental consequences of slow wireless connections in the workplace:

  1. Employee Frustration:

    Employees would be unable to complete their tasks on time if their internet connectivity is unreliable. This can lead to job dissatisfaction. Slow internet was exposed as the number one user dissatisfaction in a survey conducted by Deloitte of Australian staff.

  2. Loss of Business:

    A customer's experience on your website may be harmed if your small business's customer relationship management (CRM) system is slow to react. Consumers will go elsewhere if your page takes too long to load, costing your business money.

  3. Lower Productivity:

    Employees can have to wait for files to load, emails to send, attachments to download, and other tasks as a result of a slow connection. According to Sandisk's memory and storage experts, the average employee spends one week each year waiting for their company's WiFi link to react.

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Your internet access, no matter what business you're in, is critical to ensuring that you can attract more clients, work with your team, and get more done. You need to make sure that sluggish internet speeds aren't affecting your business in all of these ways, from better video conferencing to wifi that can compete. Below are a few ways that you can manage your wifi connection:

  • Limit the use of network-intensive activities like video streaming and social media surfing to save bandwidth.
  • To ensure that mission-critical tasks like voice calls, cloud applications, and video conferences have enough network resources, use bandwidth management tools.
  • Significant upgrades and installations should be done outside of business hours.
  • To avoid threats that could degrade network performance, use web filtering and intrusion prevention systems.
  • To get the best internet coverage, position routers, switches, and wireless access points in strategic locations.
  • Keep an eye on your network for any issues that could result in significant slowdowns.

If these options seem to be too time-consuming and complex, the best option is to hire a reputable managed Internet service provider to track, operate, and optimise your network. Since they can spot problems quickly and react quickly, they can help the company avoid downtime. If you are looking for an office internet connection, you can learn more about ACT Enterprise here.

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